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WatchDoc's Vintage Pocket Watch List



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ABBREVIATIONS :  EN-enamel, F-fine, GF-gold fill, HB&B-hinged back & bezel case, HC-hunting case,J-jewel ,K-karat, KW-keywind, OF-open face pocket watch, S-size, SB&B-screw back & bezel, SS-stainless steel, XF-extra fine, YG(F)(P)-yellow gold (fill) (plate), WGF-white gold filled, References - Shugart (author) - Complete Price Guide to Watches; Eherhardt (author) - Various Price Guides; Whitney - Military Timepieces

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POCKET WATCHES - all good running order and cleaned and/or adjusted as was needed to keep good time 


P1  $169 

 CYMA Military Issue Pocket Watch

cyma.jpg (214824 bytes)cyma3.jpg (38904 bytes)

Description:  This is a high quality CYMA Swiss made pocket watch used by the British Army circa WWI and after.  It is marked on the back GSTP (General Service Time Piece) with the broad arrow that designates British military forces.  The movement is a quality 15 jewel Cyma, a fine Swiss brand that is still in business.  The dial is enamel.  The case is a snap back and bezel.  WWI watches are in demand, buy now while you can find them reasonable.



 Hamilton 992B Railroad Watch Circa 1950's

992B.jpg (81351 bytes)  992bm.jpg (31063 bytes)

  992bb.jpg (20125 bytes)Description:  Hamilton 992B railroad watch, the culmination of 50 years of experience at the Hamilton watch company.  The 992B was the last great American railroad watch adjusted to 6 positions and accepted on all railroads.  With an elinvar hairspring, the 992B did not require temperature compensation, since the properties of elinvar did not change with temperature.  This watch is in top condition with a mint dial and a case with no dents and NO wear through at all.  All original case, dial, and movement.  This watch saw very little use.  Recently serviced. 


 WALTHAM CDIA World War II Navy Military Aircraft clock

walcdia.jpg (27384 bytes)

Description:  This aircraft clock was used by US NAVY planes such as the Corsair and Navy bombers.  This is a big impressive aircraft clock with a super quality 15 jewel  37size  movement with center calendar, 24 hour dial, good good running condition, fine dial and black case.  A quality made piece of history that will appreciate in value.  Add it to your military collection. (CDIA stands for Civil Date Indicator Aeronautic). Made in USA by Waltham for the war effort!!

P4 $495

 HAMILTON, World War II, 16S, model 23 Air Force Military Chronograph

ham23.jpg (21617 bytes)  

 Description:  This is the famous US Army Air Corps Hamilton chronograph pocket watch used by bombardiers in World War II.  The movement is the model 23  which has 19 jewels, and which is based on the famous 992B rail road watch.  The watch is a chronograph with start, stop, and fly back, and a minute accumulator.  Hamilton nickel case, good operating condition, 30 minute register and sweep second hand, black dial XF condition. The military specs are on the rear of the case.

P5.   $79

  16 size, 7 J, Elgin US Military Issue WWII ArtilleryTimer

  elgtimer.jpg (21918 bytes)

 Description: This is a genuine World War II Elgin Military Timer made in the USA.  The accumulator dial at the top will time up to 30 minutes.  The large sweep second hand moves around once in 60 seconds.  This timer was used to time artillery, etc.  A real nice military collectible.  There is a small chip in the enamel dial at 20 that has been filled, and the back hinge is a little loose.  Priced accordingly.

P6 $250

  Illinois Burlington 16 size 19 Jewel Railroad Watch circa 1915

   bur19.jpg (122434 bytes)


bur19m.jpg (121323 bytes)Description: Xtra fine and near mint throughout, movement, case and enamel dial  Illinois Burlington 19 jewel 16 size lever set highly damasceened movement adjusted to temperature and positions.  The case is an original marked Burlington YGF case in super condition with no wear no appreciable wear.  All original case, dial, movement.  Movement serial # is 2,795,xxx, which is about 1915.   

P7 $225

  Illinois Time King 16/S 17 jewel four adjustments

illtimek.jpg (42903 bytes)  

 iltimeking.jpg (56830 bytes)Description: Movement #4,163,8xx with gold color screws and highlights, Xtra fine YGF screw back and bezel engraved case by Star Watch Case Co - all original, runs great, near mint double sunk Illinois enamel dial.  Note all Illinois watches are before 1929, when the company was sold to Hamilton. 

P8  $95

  Elgin US Military Issue WWII 1/10 Second Timer

elgtimer.jpg (107860 bytes)  

 Description:  This is a genuine World War II Elgin Military Timer made in the USA.  The balance wheel is very small, and it sounds like a bee buzzing.  The large sweep second hand moves around once in ten seconds.  The accumulator at the top of the dial records each 10 seconds.  This timer was used to time artillery, etc.  A real nice military collectible.

P9. Sold

  Helvetia British WWII Military Issue Pocket Watch

helvetia.jpg (169465 bytes)  

helvetm.jpg (44584 bytes)

 Description: This Helvetia pocket watch is in good running condition.  The movement is a quality made Swiss 15 jewel Helvetia marked movement.  The dial has several hairlines and one small chip.  The watch is marked on the back G.S.T.P (General Service Time Piece) with the British broad arrow, which resembles a spear point. It has wear on the case as can be expected for a military watch that was used during WWII.

P10. $75

 Near Mint Ingersoll Eclipse Pocket Watch

dollar.jpg (21051 bytes)  

dollar_mvmt.jpg (23976 bytes) guarantee.gif (96679 bytes)Description:  Men's Ingersoll pocket watch, good running condition.  These were inexpensive watches and most were worn out, but this one is like new!!  The last patent on this one is1912.  The nickel case is near mint as is the dial.  Even the guarantee is in the back of the case.  

P11. $150

Illinois 19 Jewel Railroad Watch, Time King

il19j.jpg (37172 bytes)  

Description: Movement #4,034,2xx is lever set and adjusted to positions, smooth polished YGF screw back and bezel case by Dueber with no wear through to brass. Good strong runner. Illinois double sunk enamel dial has some hairlines.  Note all Illinois watches are before 1929, when the company was sold to Hamilton.  Illinois made great watches. Movement is number 4,034,2xx.

P12.  $250

  Waltham 16/S 21 jewel Railroad Watch 645

wal645.jpg (22022 bytes)  

Description: Nice Waltham grade 645 railroad watch, 21 jewels adjusted to 5 positions, lever set, double sunk enamel dial, nice with just a couple of hairlines.  The 20 yr Star yellow gold filled case with hinged back and bezel is in excellent condition with just a small area of wear through on the pendant post.  The movement is crisp, clean, and highly damasceened.  Top running condition.  This is a high grade, collectable, railroad watch.  Serial number is 22,138,xxx.

P13.  $275

 Waltham 21 Jewel RR Watch - Canadian 24 hr dial

walrr.jpg (51956 bytes)    

Description: This is a nice Waltham 21 Jewel Riverside railroad watch serial #28,896,7xx, double sunk Canadian wal23j-sm.jpg (64044 bytes) dial and also a Canadian case marked Empress Sturdy Case Made in Canada.  Canadian cases and dials are not very common.  The watch runs great.  The case has some wear through near the rim of the case.  

P14.  $225

  Chelsea Military Ships Clock

chelmilclk.jpg (59397 bytes)  

Chelsea manual wind 8-day time only military clock in black plastic case.  This Chelsea clock is USA made to  military standards and was likely made about 30 years ago. Chelsea is still in business, however the military is now using quartz clocks instead of these old mechanical clocks.  The movement is a mechanical work of art, and is precision made with a jeweled platform escapement of high quality.  This is the larger case with an 8-inch dial - about 10 inches across the clock. Marked on dial, Chelsea Clock Co, Boston, US Government. 

P15.  $275

  16 size South Bend Studebaker 21 jewels 8-adjustments, top grade of hard to find watch

studef1.jpg (69892 bytes)  

studem.jpg (76177 bytes)This is a nice South Bend Studebaker 21 jewel watch in 16 size.  The dial is the original metal dial with some tarnish around the edges. The case is a very nice Star Watch Case Co, 10K gold filled, no wear through screw back and front.  The watch is pendant set.  The serial number is 11600xx.  This watch has been cleaned and is in top running condition. 

P16.  $225

 Illinois 14 Karat gold 12/S 17 jewels dress watch

  illgold.jpg (38927 bytes)  

illback.jpg (17778 bytes)Description: This is a very clean Illinois pocket watch in a Keystone solid 14 karat (.585) gold open face case.  Nice original metal dial. The movement is clean, shiny, and xtra fine 17 jewels, adjusted, serial #4,920,9xx.  The serial number dates the watch to 1926, which makes is 76 years old.  Illinois went out of business in 1929, and their assets were purchased by the Hamilton Watch Company.

P17. $225

12 size Waltham 2-tone DECO case - MINT, MINT, MINT

    wal_2tone_mint.jpg (26357 bytes)

wal_tut_face.jpg (21431 bytes)Description: Beautiful  Waltham 12 size with two-tone  Deco case Fahys 14 K gold filled that looks like it were never used.  Nice metal dial very nice.  American made Watham 7 jewel mechanical movement serial number 25,203,xxx made around 1926, that is 77 years old.  

P18.  SOLD

Waltham 18s 21 jewel railroad watch model 1892

    wal845.jpg (179643 bytes)

wal845m.jpg (185898 bytes)Description: This is one of the most beautiful 21 jewel lever set RR movements made by Waltham, the model 1892 grade 845.  The American watch companies began to produce quality railroad grade movements in the 1890's as a result of disastrous accidents on the railroad.  The Philadelphia 20 year ygf screw back and bezel case has a very nice railroad engine on the back.  Running and in top condition.  Serial number 19,116,xxx.

P19.  $125


Waltham 18s Keywind in Nickel case with Town engraved on Rear - circa 1882
wbrodkw.jpg (62563 bytes)walbrbk.jpg (66026 bytes) walbrmv.jpg (62854 bytes)Waltham 18 size Keywind in nice hinged back and bezel case marked Argentine Silver, B.S.W.C.Co.  The 7 jewel movement is marked AWC Broadway, #18906xx, the dial is unmarked and near mint except for a very minor hairline.  The watch is running and keeping good time.  The watch must be wound from behind with a key and set from the front with the same key.  The case is nice and has some minor shallow dents.






last revised February 23, 2003