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  Your lessons have made me an Elgin fixing fool! I have brought
Elgins out of the cabinet (16s and 12s) that I have waited until I was
skillful enough with small parts before I tried to fix. One my wife
bought for me several years ago and I had taken it to a watch
repairman (the only one I could find in this area). It was about this
time of the year. He told me he only worked on pocket watches one
month of the year and that was February!  So I waited to February and took it back to him. He told me I was too late.  I had to have it with him BEFORE February! Any way,
I made up my mind that day,  if I was going to collect old
pocket watches, I needed to learn how to work on them. And thanks to
you I did!
  I have really learned the importance of taking the jewels out one
at a time and cleaning them. I never realized how much filth could
get trapped between a cap and hole jewel!
   Just trying to say THANKS A MILLION ED!