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WATCHDOC - Vintage and Antique Watch Sales and Repair

Wanted: Watches - any condition, watchmaker tools, parts, accumulations

Especially need military watches, parts, etc.

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Sales and Services
Watchdoc is Pleased to be an Associate of, Worlds Largest Bookstore!!


shu2000.jpg (39255 bytes)My Recommended Book -  2000 edition Complete Price Guide to Watches -1152 pages(20th Edition) - Cooksey Shugart and Richard E. Gilbert - 20 % off list price of $26.95 (only $21.56) you save $5.39!!- click here to order from

Use this box to search for ANY book that is in their millions of books available!

    chatham.jpg (116600 bytes) $45 FEATURED ITEM FOR SALE - Beautiful pocket watch cotton throw made and dated in 1994. It is getting cold, you need this on your favorite chair! One hundred percent cotton, no longer made and only a few left. Size 46 x 67 inches. MADE in the USA!!! You will love it.

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