Thanks for visiting the WatchDoc's page.  I have been repairing, buying, and selling timepieces, tools, parts and pieces for over 30 years now.  Since I live in an area near the Chesapeake Bay where we have more military bases and installations than I have fingers - Navy, Army, and Air Force - I service, buy, and sell a lot of old vintage military timepieces such as aircraft clocks, WWII issue timepieces,  chronometers, deck watches, Chelsea clocks, etc.  I am always in the need of parts and military timepieces for my collection - so let me know what you have. 

Glass Pocket Watch Crystals - I can fit a glass crystal to your pocket watch for $15 up.  An open face crystal for most American pocket watches is $15.00.  Very large crystals and crystals for foreign watches may be more.  Hunting case crystals are much harder to fit.  Sometimes a plastic crystal is all that I can find that will work.  Hunting case crystals can typically be fit for $25.00.  Fitting a glass crystal is not as easy as you might think.  They must fit extremely well with very tight tolerances.  Sometimes, they have to be ground to fit, that costs more. 

Sales - vintage watches are generally one of a kind.  I may or may not have several of a given type of vintage tool.  I generally only stock new watches that I pick up from buy-outs, closeouts, etc.  In other words, I generally only buy new watches that are a bargain - and I pass the savings on to you. I ship to most foreign locations, but check with me by email to be sure.  Foreign buyers should use PayPal or email me for other options.  To keep charges under control, I only accept Master Card and Visa with PayPal (limited to US orders and certain other countries). For foreign shipments, I suggest insurance for watches and the more expensive items.  Otherwise, it is at your own risk.

Watch Repairs - since I am swamped with work, I am only able to take in your piece for repair if you are not in a hurry.  I have to finish the work as it comes in, and most often I am at least a month behind.  Also, for vintage watches parts must often be obtained or made, which takes time.  Email me with your problem, and if I can help, I will let you know.  I specialize in mechanical vintage timepieces, pocket watches and wrist watches. I like military timepieces, as I specialize in that area!!  I have a large number of regular customers and friends who keep me busy.  Also, I am constantly fixing up watches to sell, and that takes time too.  I have enough equipment to make watches from scratch, just wish I had the time!! If you are looking for parts, I may or may not be able to help, but in general I would rather do the entire job than just find parts.  Your own watchmaker should be finding the parts!!!

PARTS - I would rather do an entire restoration job than just find a part or two.  Finding an obsolete watch part can take hours, so it is not profitable. Often many sources have to be tried, or I have to look through many movements.  I have listed parts that I do have for sale under "Tools and Parts."  However, if you are a watchmaker or hobbyist who does his own work and are in dire need of a part, and expect to pay for my time to find it, give me a try!

PRIVACY - I do not collect names for any other businesses or for any web advertising purposes PERIOD.  So, visit my site and don't worry that I am collecting data about you.  I like my privacy, too.

NAWCC and AWI:  I have been a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC)  for about 30 years and am a past president of the Old Dominion Chapter.  We meet in Williamsburg, Virginia every two months.  If you are a national member in our area, give our secretary a call and come to one of our meetings.  If you are not a member, join up - especially if you enjoy watches and clocks.  I am also a member of the American Watchmaker Clockmaker Institute AWCI.   Both the NAWCC and the AWCI are great organizations devoted to horology that promote education with workshops, special seminars, classes, and conventions.  

Watches and clocks started out as a hobby - I am professionally a research scientist and a past college professor.  Since I have a few more years before I retire, I only work this business evenings and weekends.  I try to answer all email as quickly as possible, but take the above into account.


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