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WatchDoc's Vintage Pocket Watch List



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Note to Foreign customers:  We only accept payment from countries that have agreements with Paypal to accept credit cards.  Additional postage will be needed to insure your watch.  You will be contacted after order is received. PLEASE Supply phone number, our insurance requires a phone number.

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I have been restoring watches for over 25 years, so if you have any questions about an old watch, wish to sell or trade, or have a want list; I will try to help - just e-mail me!! Sorry, I am way behind and am not accepting any repair work at this time!!  However, we do service what we sell.


You must be satisfied or return within 3 days of receipt.
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Foreign Postage varies with location.  You must have a confirmed address.  Please supply phone number in comments in checkout.  Minimum foreign postage with insurance is around $25.00.  If foreign insurance is not needed, the cost is much cheaper, but you must assume risk.

ABBREVIATIONS :  EN-enamel, F-fine, GF-gold fill, HB&B-hinged back & bezel case, HC-hunting case,J-jewel ,K-karat, KW-keywind, OF-open face pocket watch, S-size, SB&B-screw back & bezel, SS-stainless steel, XF-extra fine, YG(F)(P)-yellow gold (fill) (plate), WGF-white gold filled, References - Shugart (author) - Complete Price Guide to Watches; Eherhardt (author) - Various Price Guides; Whitney - Military Timepieces

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POCKET WATCHES - all good running order and cleaned and/or adjusted as was needed to keep good time 



 Large 18 size Elgin Keywind and Keyset Watch

Elgin-KW-face.jpg (491362 bytes)

Elgin-KW-back.jpg (243498 bytes)

Elgin-KW-mvmt.jpg (791933 bytes) This fine 18 size Elgin keywind and keyset watch is cased in a  Keystone hallmarked nickel case.  The movement is jeweled on the top plate and is an 11 jewel model.  The Roman dial is extra fine with no obvious flaws.  The serial number is 1602510, which places the watch around 1885, which would make the watch over 120 years old.  The watch has been restored and is in good running condition.  The dial, case, and movement appear to be all original. A fantastic bargain for an old Keywind that is in top condition.



 Waltham, 18 size, 21 jewel adj Railroad GRADE Crescent St, model 1892, circa 1903 (109 years old)

 Wal-18s-21J-cres-mvmt.jpg (402409 bytes)Description: One of our favorite and most beautiful full-plate early railroad watches, an 1892 model Crescent St. by Waltham.  Beautiful damasceened movement with gold jewel settings and gold balance wheel jewels.  Excellent period heavy SB&B Philadelphia Silveroid case that screws together without problems.  Serial #12,067,731 movement in top running condition.  Double sunk enamel dial has hairlines. Adjusted to positions.

P3 $295.00

 WALTHAM CDIA World War II Navy Military Aircraft clock  

Description:  This aircraft clock was used by US NAVY in WWII in planes such as the Corsair and Navy bombers.  This is a big impressive aircraft clock with a super quality 15 jewel  37size  movement with center calendar, 24 hour dial, good good running condition, fine dial and black case.  A quality made piece of history that will appreciate in value.  Add it to your military collection. (CDIA stands for Civil Date Indicator Aeronautic). Made in USA by Waltham for the war effort!!  (Also, if you don't have my CD on the CDIA and aircraft clocks - lesson 10, you should buy it!!). Picture is typical of our stock.
WWII Hamilton 4992B 22 jewel Master Navigational (GCT) Deck Watch - AN5740 

Ham_4992b_front_sm.jpg (455752 bytes)  Ham_4992B_movmt-sm.jpg (390737 bytes)


Ham_992B_back.jpg (1334091 bytes)Description:  This is a modification of the famous 992B railroad watch for military use during WWII.  The 992B was modified with  a 24 hour dial and a separate gear and pinion was added for the large sweep second hand.  This watch is in very good condition.   Of course, the watch is running and keeping great time.  This highly  accurate watch was used as a navigational watch, which required the highest possible quality and accuracy for a deck-type watch.  For details on this watch, see the book Military Timepieces by Marvin Whitney p 321.  This type watch was used both by the Navy and the Army Air Corps. And, of course, the picture you see is the watch you get. Slight wear spot on back, but still all the specs are readable.  The serial puts this movement as made during WWII.

P5. $95

  16 size, 7 J, Elgin US Military Issue WWII Artillery Timer

ElgTimer-face.jpg (350105 bytes)

 ElgTimer-mvmt.jpg (470110 bytes)Description: This is a genuine World War II Elgin Military Timer made in the USA by Elgin. The accumulator dial at the top will time up to 30 minutes.  The large sweep second hand moves around once in 60 seconds.  This timer was used to time artillery, etc, during World War II.  Good running condition.  A real nice military collectible. 


  Swiss Hunter Case, New Old Stock LeCourier

swiss-hc-face-feb23.jpg (325460 bytes)


Description:  This is a great mechanical pocket watch to carry.  It is Swiss made, marked swiss on both the movement and case.  The movement is a pocket watch size 15 jewel, not a small wrist watch movement. Incabloc and antimagnetic.  The diameter of the case is about 45 mm, almost 2 inches.

P7.  $4.95

  NEW 14-inch long pocket watch chain, chrome

  pwchain-gold.jpg (40984 bytes)

white chrome (4)

New old stock pocket watch chain.  Pictured is yellow gold plated, but they are sold out.  This chain would work for most any man's pocket watch even the large 18 size. Four in white (4) available.


 Hamilton World War II Chronometer Deck Watch

Ham22-face.jpg (435060 bytes)  

 Ham22-mvmt.jpg (436176 bytes)  Ham22-bk.jpg (441613 bytes)Description: Classic Hamilton's famous model 22 chronometer deck watch that was used as a secondary time standard during WWII primarily by the Navy.  This is a very large and heavy watch.  The same movement is also found in  gimbals  and a wood box.  With up-down indicator.  Nickel case. Good running condition.  

P8 $125

  Elgin US Military Issue WWII 1/10 Second Timer - 15 jewels - Air Force - Type A-8

elginbtimer.jpg (25399 bytes)  

 Description:  This is a genuine World War II Elgin Military Timer made in the USA.  The balance wheel is very small, and it sounds like a bee buzzing.  The large sweep second hand moves around once in ten seconds.  The accumulator at the top of the dial records each 10 seconds.  This timer was used to time artillery, etc.  A real nice military collectible.  

P9. 249.00

 Nice Hamilton grade 940 Railroad Watch

  pic coming


Nice Hamilton 21 jewel 940 railroad grade watch in good running condition.  Excellent Philadelphia 18size nickel SB&B case with near mint engraved railroad train on rear.  Early movement #406327.Double sunk enamel dial with only very minor hairlines. 


 Vintage Elgin Near Mint Gold Filled 0/size Hunter CA 1896

 Description: A nice 0/size hunter cased Elgin that you would think was a new watch, not an old  vintage one.  Runs well and keeps good time.  Early 7 jewel movement with serial #6636163 circa 1896 has just been serviced and is running well!  Dial is near mint. This watch is all correct, case movement, dial. What more could you ask for??


Early 18size Waltham model 1892  21 jewel grade 845 Railroad Watch

Wal1892Face.jpg (480573 bytes)

 Waltham1892mvmt.jpg (1217439 bytes) Description: One of our favorite and most beautiful full-plate early railroad watches, an 845 by Waltham.  Beautiful damasceened movement with gold jewel settings and gold balance wheel jewels.  Excellent period heavy SB&B Philadelphia Silveroid case that screws together without problems.  Serial #18126713 movement in top running condition.  Double sunk enamel dial with only minor hairlines and small edge chip at lever set position. Adjusted to positions.


P12  $45

Hanhart German Pocket Watch Timer

hanhart-timer.jpg (26254 bytes)

 Description: Hanhart  0 to 30 minute timer in original plastic case.  Marked Hanhart US Government 7 jewels, most likely military issue.  Good running condition.  Note that Hanhart made superb WWII military pilot's chronographs for the German air forces.


Nice model 1883 17 Jewel Movement American Waltham in heavy nickel case, 18 size
18sizeWal-fnt1.JPG (82319 bytes)

18sWal-back1.JPG (21225 bytes)

Description:  This Waltham USA made watch has a quality 17 jewel movement with serial number 18,891,060, which dates the watch to the end of the first decade of 1900.  Patent regulator on this movement is a plus.  Thus, it is approximately 100 years old. The movement is cased in a heavy Nickel USA case in very good condition.  Case is screw back and bezel and glass crystal.  The Arabic glass enamel dial is original and only has slight hairline cracks that are barely visible.  Good running condition.


16 size Illinois A Lincoln 21 Jewel Railroad Watch
ill-alincoln-face.JPG (172797 bytes)

alincoln-inside=case.JPG (200225 bytes)

a-lincoln-mvmt.JPG (236264 bytes)Description:  Illinois 21 jewel A. Lincoln in good running condition.  Movement adjusted to 5 positions.  Railroad Montgomery enamel dial has hairlines at 17 and 18 minutes and some minor damage near the name Illinois.  Serial #334179x puts the date of manufacture around 1919.  Running and keeping good time.  Case is 10K yellow gold filled Keystone Watch Case Company in excellent condition with almost no wear through.

Watches/movements - as described



 12 size George H. Newstedt Special

swiss-front.jpg (18002 bytes)    

swiss-mvmt.JPG (17532 bytes)  swiss-back.jpg (19341 bytes)Description: Nice American Wadsworth Referee 20 year YGF case with fancy initials on back.  Very minor wear-through of gold on deepest engravings.  Good hinged back, pop off bezel.  Dial has a repair at 1.  Movement is Swiss 17 jewels, adjusted to 3 positions. Runs and keeps good time.  New crystal.  Winds fine, pendant setting not quite as smooth as one would like.  Thus very good price.  Checked out, oiled and timed out.

Howard 14 size movement


howard-14s.JPG (63395 bytes)

  howard14s-face.JPG (44394 bytes) 

Description:  14 size Howard movement in running condition.  The enamel dial is as near mint as you can get.  The movement runs and has a stem and crown.  


 Illinois 16size 17 jewel pocket watch

illinois-16s-17j=mvmt.JPG (77994 bytes)

illinois 16s 17 j face.JPG (48748 bytes)Description:This is a nice 17 Jewel Illinois movement with a reasonable Wadsworth 20 yr ygf case and dial.  The watch runs but has not been cleaned.  The case has some wear through on the rim plus a few edge dings and minor waviness in the back.  The dial has chips near the second bit.  Some minor scratches on the crystal. Nice hands!  Serial #2,824,5xx.











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