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WATCHDOC's Mechanical Watch and New and Used Reference Books on Watchmaking for hobbyists and professionals (SCROLL DOWN FOR NEW AND USED Paper and HARDBACKK BOOKS!!!!!!)(Don't try to find our lessons elsewhere, it is our own product, we write it, only we sell it)

Lesson 1 and 2: Vintage Mechanical Watch Repair  $29.00

Cd-lesson1.jpg (46559 bytes) Lesson 1 and 2 SPECIAL $29.00 - Watchdoc's Vintage Mechanical Watch Repair Course NEW REVISED 3rd Edition March 2006 - by  the WatchDoc Designed to teach you how to repair mechanical movements, pocket and wrist.  How to disassemble a wrist movement, inspect, clean, reassemble, and adjust.  Descriptions of staking sets and other tools and how each tool is used.  Fully illustrated.  Information that cannot be found elsewhere.  Getting started, tools needed to repair vintage wrist and pocket watches, proper use of tools, reference material needed such as lists and pictures of parts, nomenclature, systems of measurements used by watchmakers, identifying the actual movement maker, determining the approximate age of the watch, names and descriptions of various watch parts, locating hard to find parts, ordering parts, diagnosis of watch problems illustrating bad and broken parts, how to remove the wrist or pocket watch from the case, how to adjust watches to keep time, recognizing quality in mechanical movements, delicate parts that require extra care such as the hairspring, balance wheel, escapement, and dial, etc.  Over 200 pages of information. total  Also, tips on how to restore watch dials, both metal and glass enamel, save $30 on your first dial restoration job!  On CD.   Written in Adobe Acrobat format, so you can print out your own copy.  This is a newly written course for today's hobbyists and prospective watchmaker.  Lesson 1 now includes diagnosis of mechanical watch failures!! Hundreds of satisfied customers!!  Videos are in QuickTime format, which can be downloaded for free if you don't have it on your computer.

Also newly added- 1) Videos on how to remove the movement from the case, how to inspect a movement at a flea market or show to determine its condition

                                  2) Cleaning machine instructions

                                  3) Hamilton repair notes on regulation, friction jeweling, rusty hairspring,  temperature compensation

                                 4)  Elgin watch repair booklet of over 70 pages

    (postage $5.00, US or Foreign)

Lesson 2: 18-Size American Watch Repair
 - Disassembly, Inspection, and Cleaning of the 18 size American Pocket lever with Lever Escapement - by the WatchDoc-This course, another watchdoc exclusive, was designed for the collector, watch dealer, as well as the professional watch repairman who would like to delve into this profitable area.  The old 18 size American watch is "the" watch for collectors of old Americana.  The 18-size watch was perfected by E. Howard, and later by the geniuses at Waltham who spawned numerous watch companies.  The variations are extreme from the early Keywinds to the 18-size railroad watches. This lesson takes you through the details of disassembling, inspecting, and cleaning of 18 size American pocket watches from the old keywind to the lever set railroad watch.  Emphasis is placed on the proper removal of delicate parts such as the hands and the dial.  The course describes various types of 18 size mechanisms including keywind and keyless.  A discussion of the various American companies and how their 18 size movements varied in construction.  Inspection includes identifying problems and their resolution.  Cleaning methods including hand cleaning and cleaning with commercial cleaning machines, solvents, and precautions.  Timing and adjusting of the 18 size movement.  Don't look for this course elsewhere, as it was written by the WatchDoc himself!!!  Forty Four pages.


Lesson 3: 16-Size American Watch Repair & Hamilton 4992B manual $19.00

This lesson provides  instructions on servicing the 16-size American watch from the 7 jewel Elgin to detailed instructions on servicing high grade watches such as the Hamilton 4992B military and the 992B Hamilton Railroad watch.  The entire Hamilton 4992B (the military version of the 992B) service manual is included plus repair sheets on the Hamilton 992B railroad watch.  In addition, we have included information on disassembly of high-grade Swiss watches with illustrations of a Patek Philippe pocket watch during disassembly for cleaning.  Over 60 pages of instructions with many diagrams and pictures.


Lesson 4: Timing the Lever Watch $10.95

Sometimes it is easier to repair a watch that does not run at all, than to repair a watch that runs poorly.  Many times a watch that will not run at all only needs cleaning, a new mainspring, or perhaps a new balance staff.  Although a watch may tick and run, it may run very erratically.  It is “buyer beware” when a seller says he does not have any idea of whether the watch keeps time.  It is likely that some watches at auction that are advertised as “running but no guarantee to timekeeping” were taken to a watchmaker first to adjust.  This lesson of over 20 pages is filled with illustrations and actual examples of watches that did not keep good time and how to remedy their problems. 

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2.  My watch ticks, why doesn’t it keep good time??

3.  Watch Escapements

4.  The Verge, Cylinder, and Duplex escapements

5.  Chronometer escapement

6.  Adjusting the Lever Escapement to Keep Good Time

7. Checking the Lever Escapement for Proper Depthing

8.  Overbanking

9.  Overview on Regulating the Movement

10. Calculating Proper Beat Required by the Balance for Proper Timekeeping

11. Problem Example 1 – Lever Set 18 size Elgin

12.  Other Considerations


Lesson5: Restaffing and Balance Wheel Repair $19.95 updated 3rd Edition

lesson5_pic.jpg (87795 bytes)We are proud of this complete newly written manual on balance wheel restoration.  The balance wheel is literally the heart of the watch.  Damage the balance wheel, and the watch may never keep good time again.  This lesson is complete and goes through the complete disassembly of a typical balance wheel to replace the staff, the part that is most likely to break if the watch is subjected to a blow or is dropped. It describes the balance jewels, which may chip and have to be replaced ALSO.  The fit of the balance wheel pivot into the jewels is described in pictures and illustrations.  No detail is spared. In addition, a chart of typical American pocket watch balance staffs is included. We have uploaded a video to YouTube for you to check out.  Check out under Edwin Fasanella, or WatchDoc.

Table of Contents

  1.  Introduction

2.  The balance wheel and the science of good timekeeping

3.  Friction fit staffs, riveted staffs, and modern staffs with shock protection

4.  Repivoting a balance staff

4.  Measuring the staff accurately

5.  Determining the factory number of your staff

6.  Differences in wrist and pocket staffs

7.  Removing the balance from the balance bridge

8.  Measuring and fitting a roller jewel

9.  Tools used for balance restoration

10. Removing the old staff

11. Installing a new staff

12.  Replacing balance jewels

13. Putting balance in beat

14. Timing washers, balance adjustments, timing with or without a machine

15. Factory specifications

16. Making and adjusting a staff if one is not available

17. References for further reading and study  


Lesson 6: Repairing US Military Watches WWI through Viet Nam $19.95


1.  Introduction

2.  AN 5740 Master Navigation Watch

3.  Hamilton Model 22 Chronometer Watch

4.  Hamilton/Elgin 5471-1 Aircraft Clock

5.  Seth Thomas Navy Clocks

6.  Waltham Timers

7.  Specifications

Appendix A – Parts lists

 Over 400 pages of instructions to help the hobbyist and watchmaker with this MOST important task, including videos showing staff removal.

Lesson 7: The Watchmakers Lathe $12.95

L7 - les7pic.jpg (33606 bytes)Use and Care of the Watchmaker's Lathe, revised and expanded 2nd edition, July 2004, by E. L. Fasanella, the WatchDoc. This newly revised and expanded edition of Lesson 7 by the WatchDoc adds additional information on using the lathe to make watch parts. Also, the use of the lathe in restoration of wrist watch and pocket watch cases is described. Over THIRTY 8.5-in x 11-in. pages of highly useful information for a very low price. Included in the Introduction section to the lathe are the topics: dead-center lathes, live-spindle lathes, sizes of watchmaker's lathes, suggestions for purchasing a lathe, adjustment for end shake, oiling and maintaining the lathe, alignment of head (Spindle) and tailstock of lathe, the correct use of wire chucks, safety, tool post and tip over rest, split chuck variations among manufacturers, belts used to drive lathe, chuck and accessory thread types, and lathe accuracy and the key. Another section describes lathe attachments and accessories and includes: types of gravers including carbide gravers, the adjustable bezel chucks, motors suitable for a lathe, lathe mounting methods, crown chucks, balloon chucks, 3-jaw chuck, cross slide, gear cutter and milling attachment, head stock dividing plate, saw table on lathe, and wheel chucks. The last section describes hand turning with a graver. Several projects are outlined including the making of brass bushings, jewel pushers, drills, bench keys, American and Swiss stems, balance staff repivoting, and making a complete balance staff both from raw stock and from a staff that is slightly oversize. The last section of miscellaneous topics includes: grinding with the lathe, using the lathe for uprighting and jeweling, schematics of other parts that can be made on the lathe, and removing scratches on watch case backs. An appendix is included which shows advertisements in old watch catalogs for lathes and accessories.


Lesson 8: Wrist and PW Case Restoration  $14.95 

lesson8.jpg (36704 bytes)Wrist and Pocket Watch Case Restoration Tips for the Hobbyist and Professional. This new, recently written, practical lesson by the WatchDoc provides case restoration tips and techniques that can be used by watchmakers and hobbyists to enhance the appearance of vintage wrist and pocket watches. This knowledge was acquired over 30 years of practical case repair work. Many of the techniques described only require simple tools including files, emery cloth, stones, pliers, hammers, wooden blocks, etc. The use of new materials is emphasized, not materials that were only available 50 to 100 years ago. Novel techniques are described including the making of plastic molds from watch cases to use in dent removal. Topics include: tools and material needed for case repair, removing a pocket and wrist watch movements from the case, crystal replacement and/or restoration for both plastic and glass crystals, fitting crystals, making crystals, custom fitting plastic crystals to hunting case watches, removing scratches and dents from wrist and pocket watches, dial restoration for metal and enamel dials, dial making using an ink jet printer, making and replacing bows of pocket watches, hunting case pocket watch repair, hinge repair, repairing case threads of both wrist and pocket watches, plated and gold filled watch cases, restoring blue steel cases, removing personalized engravings from cases, watch case sizes, recasing, and much much more.  Twenty-five  8.5-in x 11-in. pages crammed with information that you need to know to make your watch worth more.

Lesson 9: The Watchmakers Staking Set $12.95

lesson9.jpg (30978 bytes)The Watchmaker’s Staking Set - How to Use It and Care for it Properly by the WatchDoc- One of our most popular lessons, this one has sold hundreds and hundreds of copies.  This  lesson gives you valuable information on one of the most useful watchmaking tools that every repairman should have. As an introduction, the history of the staking set is touched on briefly showing actual pictures of J. G. Hall’s first revolutionary American made staking sets. Three videos to help you see the staking operations yourself!!  Then, suggestions for buying a good used staking set are given. The K&D staking set is prominently illustrated and discussed in details. K&D was the premier tool maker in America for over 100 years.  This booklet of over 30 fact-filled pages illustrates each punch and stump and describes how it is used.  The care of the staking tool is covered and its many, many uses. In addition, there is another booklet with an additional 30 pages of information on using jeweling tools, and how to replace cracked and broken jewels in watch plates.  You will read this lesson over and over again!! Recently added, a booklet on jeweling tools plus old K&D information!!  The staking tool can literally be used for hundreds of different watch repair operations!!! After your tweezers and screwdrivers and loupe, this is the tool you must have!


waltham_ac_cllks.jpg (23423 bytes)Lesson 10- Aircraft and Car Clock Repair $9.95

This informative CD includes pictures showing how to take Waltham aircraft clocks (CDIA model) out of the case.  Also pictures of Waltham aircraft clocks in original aircraft cockpits. Some examples are the "Spirit of St. Louis" and military WWII aircraft. Pictures of various Waltham aircraft clocks include the early XA model, the CDIA, etc. An early Waltham catalog with pics and descriptions of aircraft and car clocks is included. For the serious hobbyist and repairman, pages from old Waltham material catalogs are shown with  the parts illustrated (with part numbers) for these aircraft clocks. Also, includes A-11 (AN5743) and A13A parts  manual.  This information was not generally included in the old watchmaker catalogs. This information is very useful to both the collector and restorer of these fine timepieces. Note that early aircraft clocks and car clocks by Waltham used the same movement.


All Lessons Regularly $89 - Now for the Holidays only $79

Complete Vintage Watch Repair Course - COMBINATION of ALL WatchDoc Lessons 1,2,3,4,5, 7, 8, 9, 10  Here is the best deal of all, get all of our watch repair lessons (except our lesson 6) for one price plus additional information including Elgin watchmaker repair information, etc. If bought separately would total $200.00.  Hundreds of pages of information plus video clips. 




Books - New and USED for your LIBRARY

N000 $24.95 MARSHALL Handy Manual by C&E Marshall.  This is a used 5 ring binder manual with hundreds of pages detailing watch parts for Swiss and American pocket watches, automatic watches, calendar watches, chronographs, alarm watches, etc.  First published in 1966. Hundreds of pages crammed full of information. We use it to find mainsprings, staffs, and other American parts.  YOU MUST HAVE THIS BOOK IF YOU WANT TO REPAIR old watches!



bulova-214-manual.jpg (55012 bytes)NO  $14.95 Original, not a copy, Vintage Accutron 214 Repair Guide.  This 36 page large format manual is the classic repair manual that was written for Accutron repairmen.  Loaded with pictures and information needed by both the collector and repairmen of this fine classic watch. 

AVAILABLE for 5.95 via download electronically see below



bulova218man.jpg (19310 bytes) N0-1. $9.95 Bulova Accutron Series 218 Repair Manual (used)

  This repair manual is a genuine Bulova repair manual for the series 218 accutron.  48 pages. Not a copy!  AVAILABLE for 5.95 via download electronically see below




NO-E    $5.95  The 214 manual is also AVAILABLE without postage as an email download (pdf format)

214 Electronic Version


N0-1E $5.95 Bulova Accutron Series 218 Repair Manual- electronic- downloaded as pdf

  No postage, if you order by itself, any postage will be refunded.


DeCarle book004.jpg (46228 bytes)N00 SOLD OUT Practical Watch Repairing by DeCarle Another great book by DeCarle covers all aspects of vintage pocket watch repair including making parts, using the lathe, jeweling, as well as basic cleaning and overhaul. Good paperback copy of the famous hardback first published over 50 years ago.  Another must have book.  319 pages.




N1  $12.95   CHELSEA NAVY CLOCK REPAIR MANUAL  - This is the NAVY issued repair manual of 1953 on a CD.  You can print your own copy!!!   Over 100 pages of information.


Fried-3rded004.jpg (100428 bytes)SOLD The Watch Repairer's Manual by Henry Fried3rd edition  of the "watch repairer's" bible with over 325 fact filled pages with many, many illustrations!!   The chapter are 1- The Mechanical Watch, 2 - Cleaning and Overhauling, 3- How to case a watch, 4- Adjusting canon pinions, 5-Mainspring repairs, 6-How to make a stem, 7-Fitting a balance staff, 8-How to make a balance staff, 9-Adjusting a balance staff, 10-How to true a balance wheel, 11- How to poise a balance, 12- Replacing a pallet jewel, 13-Replacing a roller jewel, 14- causes of overbanking, 15-Adjusting a pallet guard finger, 16-How to put a watch in beat, 17-Colleting a hairspring, 18-General repairs, 19-Trouble shooting,  + appendices, etc.  I found Fried's book to be the best starter textbook on watch repair.  (postage $5 US surface, $20.00 minimum to foreign locations)



N2 Illustrated Manual of American Watch Movements  NEW REPRINT copy!!!! $29.95
by E. & J. Swigart Co. This is a good quality  reprint!  This is one of the most useful books on American MADE wrist and pocket watches. It was written for watch repairers, but is very useful for hobbyists and serious students of Horology. The book has over 200 pages (8 1/2 x 11 inch) illustrated with Hamilton, Waltham, Illinois,and Elgin pocket watch and wrist movements and parts. You just can't be without this manual if you work on American movements as it gives the factory part numbers of each part so that you can describe exactly what you need. I have had a personal copy for over 30 years! This is a nearly new reprint, much better picture quality pictures than the reprint.  These are typically well used, so the covers are often worn. (only one in stock!)


Ham23-jpgs002.jpg (57470 bytes)N2AA $9.95 Hamilton model 23 parts catalog - available on CD, this is an original WWII catalog with parts listed and with multiple diagrams and drawings showing the layout of parts.  Very useful for watch repairmen when working on this movement and when obtaining parts.




sbend-cat.gif (9726 bytes)N2A $14.95 Reprint of the South Bend Watch Parts Catalog - 1928

This 46 page reprint is filled with drawings and information listing South Bend movments and each part.  If you collect South Bend watches you need this catalog to help locate parts and material.




N3. $9.95 Watchdoc's Diagnosis of Mechanical Watch Failures, - another publication only available from the WatchDoc.  

This illustrated booklet on a computer CD shows the various damage that mechanical watch parts can sustain either from wear or from abuse.  Each failure is described.  Examples are bent staff, staffs cut by cracked jewels, winding gear problems, wheels out of round, bent teeth, mainspring problems, setting problems, etc.  Many tips on diagnosis of problems, including check-lists before disassembly, during disassembly, and upon reassembly!!  Another WatchDoc exclusive. Note that this is now included in Lesson #1, third edition!!


k&d-catalog.jpg (16680 bytes)N3A $9.95  K&D Booklet - K&D Staking Tools and how to use them -

If you need a hard copy, here is a copy of a nice brochure that K&D published just before they went out of business on how to use their staking set with a description of each punch.  However, I suggest you purchase lesson 9 as it has much more information for just a few more dollars.




N3B $24.95  All you wanted to know about American watches and did not know who to ask by George E. Townsend

Due to the closing of Heart of American Press, this book is now out of print.   We only have one copy left.  George Townsend was one of the early pioneers of pocket watch researchers.  The information in this book is very useful to the watch collector.  In addition, many hand drawn diagrams of movements.  A must for all pocket watch collectors. Soft cover.



N4a. SOLD Bestfit #111 Encyclopedia of Watch Material, Part I  USED

Used copy to find parts for mechanical watches.  This enclyclopedia covers Swiss, French, German, Italian, and Japanese movements PLUS Hamilton. It is a very large paperback of size 8 1/2 x 11 inches and has over 600  pages packed with information, pictures, and listings of movements from Alpha to Zodiac. In the beginning it explains the factory symbols, how to identify movements (it has pages and pages of movement identification using setting parts and size, how to order parts, etc.) Also, this book gives you movement interchangeability, as the parts from many movements with different numbers are essentially interchangeable. NOTE _ HEAVY (will ship international, but postage will be EXPENSIVE - please email us before ordering) If you want to repair wrist watches, you must have this encyclopedia!!!


N4b.SOLD   Bestfit #111 Encyclopedia of Watch Material Part 2 USED

This old copy is a continuation of watches made after the Part ! was published.  It is a good used copy, but is clean and is complete. These encyclopedias are used every day by practicing watchmakers, so they got a lot of use!!  It is a must as it contains hundreds of pages of illustrations of movements, parts lists, calibers, identification, etc of watches from A to Z.  This is the bible for watch repairers and serious collectors. It covers Swiss, French, German, Italian, and Japanese movements PLUS Hamilton. It is packed with information, pictures, and listings of movements from Alpha to Zodiac. In the beginning it explains the factory symbols, how to identify movements.  It has pages and pages of movement identification using setting parts and size, how to order parts, etc.  The is the second part of the Bestfit Encyclopedia. (HEAVY - ships in US by MEDIA mail, International shipping will be expensive - please email for shipping)


illinois-cd.jpg (20719 bytes)N6.  $9.95 NEW 1923 Illinois Watch Material Catalog loaded with pictures  

Quality scan of 1923 Illinois Watch Material Catalog with pictures of parts with part numbers.  This is the most complete manual of watch material for Illinois that was published only a few years before the company went into bankruptcy and was sold to Hamilton.  This CD contains approximately 100 pages of information that is clear and easy to read. First time this catalog has been available in a long time.


N6a  $9.95  1951 Edition of C&E Marshall Watchmakers Manual

This catalog/encyclopedia is similar to the Bestfit Encyclopedia.  It includes a watch "finger print" section to help you identify unknown movements by size by using the setting parts as a guide.  Guide on how to identify movements and how to order watch parts.  It lists each watch by company with mainspring information, staff information etc.  Soft cover pages crammed full of information. was spiral bound originally, but now pages are loose. pages with information on interchangeability of parts, ordering parts, etc.  Very valuable to the watch restorer.



N6b. $7 Operating and Maintenance Manual for the L&R Console Ultrasonic and mechanical watch cleaning machine, plus parts lists, and other L&R cleaning machine information on a CD.

L&R manual supplied with the cleaning machine, etc.


ham22_lab.jpg (44245 bytes)N7. $9.95 Repair manual for the Hamilton model 22 deck watch chronometer

 This is a computer CD  of the WWII repair manual with complete instructions for overhauling the Hamilton model 22 deck watch which was issued to the Navy during WWII.  A great manual for anyone who owns this watch, or who repairs these great timepieces. Over 60 pages that are high quality and easy to read.


N7A. $17.95 Ewing Brothers Tools Supplies and Equipment for Technicians and Craftsmen

This catalog was printed in 1975 by Hammel, Riglander & Co, NY, in 1975 and is about 160 pages long with many, many watchmaker tools such as lathes, etc.  This is a very useful catalog to identify old watch and clock maker tools and supplies.



navyclks.jpg (31032 bytes)N9.  $8 Seth Thomas US Navy Boat and Deck Clocks

Thus CD contains diagrams and parts list on computer CD.  Read with Adobe acrobat (software enclosed, if you don't have it.  40 pages.



sbend_jpg.jpg (26846 bytes)N10.  $9.95 Complete Catalog of South Bend Watch Material on Computer CD

1928 catalog of over 40 pages of information on South Bend pocket watches and movements for the watchmaker to use in ordering parts.  Parts and movements are illustrated, with part numbers.  Good for the collector and restorer.



N11. $5 LeCoultre Repair Notes for the Caliber 526 Atmos Clock.

This set of repair notes shows the tools required and the techniques to repair and adjust the Atmos Clock.  Needed by repairmen and collectors alike.  The Atmos clock is sometimes called the perpetual clock as it runs without winding by changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure.


elgin_tech_cd.jpg (84079 bytes)N12. $15  Elgin Service Bulletins and Technical Information.

Great information on Elgin USA made vintage wrist movements with pictures of parts and parts list.  This manual is full of technical information on Elgin innovations such as their revolutionary M-56b oil, technical developments, pictures of their operations, and many servicing and repair aids.  Over 70 pages of information on CD!! 


Elgin-service-bulletin.jpg (112063 bytes)N12A. $25  Elgin Service Bulletins and Technical Information - Original Paper Copy

Great information on Elgin USA made vintage wrist movements with pictures of parts and parts list.  This manual is full of technical information on Elgin innovations such as their revolutionary M-56b oil, technical developments, pictures of their operations, and many servicing and repair aids.  Over 70 pages of information. 



seitz-CD.jpg (34393 bytes)N13. $8.95  Seitz Jeweling booklet

This CD contains 30 pages of useful information about the Seitz friction jeweling tool and how to use it.  The jeweling tool is similar to a staking set and can be used for many, many operations.


N14. $5  Seiko Kinetic Technical Guide/Parts Catalog 5M42A and 5M43A

Seiko Kinetic repair sheets  for movements 5M42A and 5M43A.  If you want to know what the Seiko Kinetic movement looks like, you need this guide.  It shows all parts and describes how to repair this watch.  Note that this watch has a capacitor instead of a battery. A rotor generates electricity and it is stored in the capacitor. Unfortunately, the capacitor goes bad after a few years and has to be replaced. So, this manual is needed if you want to repair these innovative watches. (If you don't want to repair your watch, contact me!!)


N15. $5  Seiko Kinetic Technical Guide/Parts Catalog Cal. 3M22A

Similar to above guide, but this one is for the Seiko Kinetic caliber 3M22A.  Eleven pages with diagrams and technical information needed to repair this popular watch.


cd-mil-rep.jpg (23744 bytes)N16. $15 TM9-1575 WWII Repair of Military Watches

A Computer CD of the booklet War Department, US Government 6 April 1945 - This CD of over 200 pages is a super "how to repair" wrist watches, pocket watches, and clocks.  It covers almost everything you need to know to begin repairing vintage watches.  This is what the US government used to train the repairers of their Ordnance watches.  Also, it is very useful if you collect military wrist and pocket watches as it shows the movements and cases as they should be.  A great help to uncover "poor marriages" of cases with movements that sometimes show up today!  A super bargain. You can read on your computer or print yourself a copy.


N17.  $8.95 Hamilton 500, 500A, and 505 Electric service manuals needed to repair this unusual collectable watch. All on a CD in Adobe Acrobat format.  You can print your own copy.

ham505.jpg (57687 bytes)ham500servicepic.jpg (26367 bytes)


 N18.  $9.95 GS crystal  catalog 200  (used)

GS has been making crystals since 1916.  This 50 plus page  catalog lists most of the current stock that is available.  It also has a list of watch companies, cases, and GS crystals in the back. 




 N18A.  $24.95 Bulova ABC Interchangeability Parts Catalog 1963

 234 pages of interchangeability of parts of Bulova and Caravelle movements. If you work on Bulova vintage watches, this is a MUST have!




GS-catalog.jpg (47502 bytes) N18B.  SOLD GS crystal  catalog 2000

GS has been making crystals since 1916.  This 120 plus page  catalog just recently came out and  lists most of the current stock that is available.  It also has a list of watch companies, cases, and GS crystals in the back. 




Ehr-wrist-w-bk2.jpg (92079 bytes)N19. $19.95  Vintage American & European Wrist Watch Price Guide Book 2  by Sherry and Roy Ehrhardt (used, good condition) stock#B22

Vintage American & European Wrist Watch Price Guide Book 2, with special Rolex section, good information for the watch collector, 448 pages, excellent condition.




 N20. $7.95 Bulova Accutron Series 230 Repair Manual (used)

This is a genuine Bulova repair manual for the series 230 accutron.  25 pages



 questions-book.jpg (89634 bytes)N21A. SOLD AWI Questions and Answers for the Watchmaking Profession

This manual has over 70 pages of information including questions to test your watchmaking skills.





N22. $7  Operating Instructions for the Watch Master Model WT Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner -

If you have lost your operating manual or have bought a used one, you need this 12 page manual. Reprint.


N23. SOLD   Nearly new - The Craft of the Clockmaker by E. J. Tyler.  This hardback is one of my favorites.  Illustrates many watch and clockmaker tools, plus how to make drills, how to make a verge staff for an old English watch, etc.  96 pages.


Audemars=cat.jpg (9013 bytes)N24. $15.95 Audemars Piguet catalog - The Finest Hours of the Master Watchmaker

Beautiful high-gloss high quality catalog of Audemars Piguet watches.  Over 100 pages!! New condition, but several years old.



More of WATCHDOC's USED BOOKS, Catalogs, Repair manuals, etc- all in good condition, most one of a kind


U0.SOLD   SUC Crystal Catalog (stock B7)

SUC Crystal Catalog, Catalog of Rocket Cylinder Crystals, this is an old catalog that is useful when looking for crystals for vintage watches, especially if you have old SUC crystals. 57 pages with names of watch models and associated crystal.Over 235 pages of information on vintage Seiko casing parts including crystals, crowns, gasket etc.


U0A. $9.95 E. & J. Swigart Clock Repair Catalog 107 (B4)

B4. $9.95 E. & J. Swigart Clock Repair catalog 107, 1961, 66 pages of equipment, tools, motors, etc.Almost 350 pages of information on vintage Seiko movement parts that is needed for the repairer and collector of vintage Seiko watches.


plating-guide.jpg (82872 bytes)  U0B.  $7  Vigor Jewelry Plating Guide BK-1215

This plating guide covers the essentials of how to silver, gold, and plate other precious metals onto jewelry.  This booklet was meant to be used with the vigor power supply, but the instructions are generic and can be used by anyone.




Ehrhardt-bk2002.jpg (52834 bytes)U1.  SoLD  Ehrhardt American Pocket Watch Price

This Roy Ehrhardt Identification and Price Guide for pocket watches was one of the first price guides for pocket watches.  It soon became the most used and even today it is a must!!




Bruton005.jpg (135485 bytes)U1a.$20 Clocks and Watches by Eric Bruton 

This is a hardbook book on great clocks and watches and their makers with beautiful pictures..  A large book of almost 140 pages with beautiful pictures of classic watches & clocks.  This book will make a fine addition to your library.




U1c. $19 Antique American Clocks and Watches, by Richard Thomson.

This old hardback published in 1968 by D. Van Nostrand is in like new condition.  The book is full of information, many, many pictures of clocks and watches, and drawings.  The Chapters are 1. The Beginning of Timekeeping, 2. Our English Heritage, 3. Pennsylvania Clockmaking, 4. New England Clockmakint, 5. Conneticut Clocking - The Terry Story, 6.  Connecticut Clockmaking - Yankee Clocks, 7. The Early American Watchmakers, 8. The Waltham Story, 9. The Watch Factories.  This book of approximately 200 pages is a treasury of information that you will cherish in your horological library.


U1e.  $19  American Watching by Michael Harrold

This fantastic soft cover book contains over 140 pages packed with pictures of American pocket watch movements including the common to rarest of the rare.  It is probably the best book written on the subject and goes into details about production rates of many of the American watch companies.  The Table of Contents includes the following - Intro to American Watchmaking, Formulation of the Industry, Operation of the Industry, the Average American Watch, Inexpensive Watches, Precision Watches, Watchmaking Machinery, Variations and Oddballs, Escapements, Individual Makers, American Watch companies, Serial Numbers and Dates.


vigor-bk130004.jpg (48545 bytes)U2a.$19.95 VIGOR Bestfit tools, Supplies, and Equipment Richmond Jewelers SupplyCo, Inc

This 244 page soft cover catalog was published in 1981.  It is crammed full of illustrations of tools and equipment used by the watchmaker and clock repairer.  These old catalogs are needed by today's repairman and hobbyist to identify old tools and to determine how they are used.  Hand tools, watchmaker lathes, etc are fully illustrated and described. Used, good condition.



U2b.$19.95 Quick Fit Material Systems Catalog #561 printed in 1961

This catalog of over 500 pages is crammed full of material systems for old wrist watches and pocket watches.  It has identifying finger print systems, material for self-winding watches and chrono with diagrams, also tools and supplies.


Balfour007.jpg (26772 bytes)U2c $29    Classic Watch by Michael Balfour 

This is a hardback book on great watches and their makers from the first wristwatch to the present day.  A very large book of almost 200 pages with beautiful pictures of classic wristwatches.  This book will make a fine addition to your library on watches.



U2d.SOLD Eric P. Smith, Repairing Antique Clocks, A guide for amateurs

This 1976 book of over 200 pages is used but like new with cover.  The contents include, 1) The Horological Ham, 2) Tooling up, 3) What is a Clock, 4) weight driven clocks, 5)Spring driven clocks (includes carriage clocks), 6) Washing up and stripping down, 7) Putting together and setting up, and 9) the end of it all.


Huer006.jpg (42854 bytes)U3.   $19 Heuer - The Time for Action Catalog

This large 46 page catalog published in 1984 lists the many Heuer timers, aircraft clocks, and chronographs.  Pictures, descriptions, price lists, etc.  Very useful information for the Heuer collector, dealers, collectors, repairmen, etc.



OrdnanceTM9-1575008.jpg (32720 bytes)U3e. $39  Ordnance Manual TM 9-1575 repair of wrist watches, pocket watches, stop watches, and clocks 

 This book produced in World War II is a complete course on how to repair the military wrist watches, pocket watches, stop watches, and clocks.  This book is in great shape!! 


U4a.$39 Official Catalogue of Swiss Watch Repair Parts-Part I and II

Produced for the watchmaker by the Swiss Federation of Watch Manufacturers circa 1950 has a ringed binder to add supplemental pages.  Includes diagrams of many movements with parts illustrated from simple wrist to chronographs and timers.  Approximately 300 pages


U4b.  $19.95  Brooks Palmer - The Book of American Clocks

 This hardback book is THE classic book on American clocks.  6th printing 1965.  Over 300 pages. A must have book for the clock collector. Hard cover.


U5.  $2.50 Booklet, Repairing the Hydraulic System of the L&R Vari-Matic

Watch Cleaning Machine and Automatic Watch Cleaning Machine, having serial numbers starting with letter B.  4 pages with instructions. Note, consider buying our CD with more information.  See N6b above.


Timex-manual001.jpg (39085 bytes)U8. $25 Timex Repair Manual - This is a very large binder with diagrams and instructions on how to repair the many

 Timex mechanical and electric watches that were made in the 60's, 70's etc.  Many character watches use Timex.




U9.  $5 Catalog #1 - Gitman Antique Watches & Rarities

Nice glossy page catalog , originally was $5.00.  Full of pictured Patek Phillippe wrist watches, and other great wrist and pocket watches.  This catalog is probably 20 years old.


U10. $7.Operating Instructions for the WatchMaster Model WT Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner

If you have lost your operating manual or have bought a used one, you need this 12 page manual.


U11. $8.99 Shugart American Pocket Watch Price Guide #3 published in 1983.

The Shugart price guides are crammed full of information about watches, their production, and their value. If you don't have this book and you are interested in American pocket watches, you need it. It helps in figuring the appreciation of American Pocket Watches.  Over 300 pages!! This copy is out of print.


U12a $9 Shugart Official Price Guide to Watches #9,

over 700 pages crammed with information on both pocket and wrist watches with prices, American and foreign.

U12b $9 Shugart Official Price Guide to Watches #10,

over 700 pages crammed with information on both pocket and wrist watches with prices, American and foreign.

U12c $8.95 Shugart Official Price Guide to Watches #12

over 700 pages crammed with information on both pocket and wrist watches with prices, American and foreign.

U12d $8.95 Shugart Official Price Guide to Watches #13,

over 900 pages crammed with information on both pocket and wrist watches with prices, American and foreign.

U12e $8.95 Shugart Official Price Guide to Watches #14,

over 900 pages crammed with information on both pocket and wrist watches with prices, American and foreign.

U12f $8.95 Shugart Ahugart Official Price Guide to Watches #16,

over 900 pages crammed with information on both pocket and wrist watches with prices, American and foreign.

U12g $8.95 Shugart Official Price Guide to Watches #17,

over 900 pages crammed with information on both pocket and wrist watches with prices, American and foreign.

U12h $8.95 Shugart Official Price Guide to Watches #18,

over 900 pages crammed with information on both pocket and wrist watches with prices, American and foreign.


U12i $8.95Shugart Official Price Guide to Watches #19,

over 1000 pages crammed with information on both pocket and wrist watches with prices, American and foreign.


U13.  $7.95  David Chriss, Collectors Price Guide to American Pocket Watches, Fourth edition,

1975.  One of the early price guides with lots of great pictures. paperback. (B15)


U14  $5.95  Clock Repair Restoration Parts Tools Supplies Equipment Catalog 874- Southern Watch Supply Co 

This catalog has over 35 81/2 x 11-in  pages crammed full of information with lathes and clock supplies.


tool catalog001.jpg (31670 bytes)U15.Watchmaker and Precision Tool Catalog No. 725

Pulblished in 1972 by Hammel, Riglander &Co, NY.  distributed by various watch matrial houses, over 160 full size 8.5 x 11 inch pages of tools for jewelers, jewelry makers, watch and clockmakers.  This has it all, tools, machinery, hand tools, supplies.  A great reference Catalog. It even describes what each tool does.


U16. $9 1980 S. LaRose Catalog 156

of Watch and Clock Supplies, tools, material, over 300 pages crammed full of items. Until they recently went out of business LaRose was one of the largest worldwide distributors of watch and clock parts and jewelry supplies


U17. $9 1999-2001 S. LaRose Catalog #262

of Watch and Clock Supplies, tools, material, etc.  Over 250 pages. 


U18. $5  Bulova Hand catalog

with illustrations of old Bulova hands, color style, length, etc.  Old and well used, but full of info!


U22. Sold Seiko Watch Technical Guide.  Circa 1970! 

This is the Seiko guide that you must have to repair vintage mechanical Seikos.  It is an 8 1/2 x 11 inch in a 3-ring binder with information on all the common mechanical movements with lots and lots of illustrations.  Detailed diagrams and information on automatics, chronographs, etc.  Explanations on how to repair representative calibers such as 1100A, 1104A, 17A, 2202A, 2205A, 2206A, 2406A,2517B, 2706A, 3703B, 4006A, 5206A, 5606A, 5619A, 6106A, 6138A, 6139A, 7005A, 7016A, 7019A, 6600C, etc.  Nice condition original old guide, disassembly, reassembly, oiling, tools, etc.


U22A $30 Seiko Watch Parts Catalog - volume 2, catalog #40-00-1-99-99-9 circa 1970 - 1980.  Another great guide in an 8 1/2 x 11 inch 3-ring binder with mechanical parts for calibers in 4000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series etc - including 4005A, 4006A, 5105A, 5126A, with pictures.  



lecoutre.jpg (26429 bytes)U23. $5 Lecoultre Futurematic Repair Notes - Calibre no 497. 

These repair notes are needed to work on the desirable Lecoultre Futurematic models that set behind. 



hamilton parts catalog002.jpg (24924 bytes)U24.  $25 Genuine Hamilton Parts Catalog 1963-1964 Revised

Over 80 pages of information with part numbers of American Hamilton wrist and pocket watches.  A must for the repairman.



fuller.jpg (42509 bytes)U32. $5 Fuller's 100th Anniversary catalog

- This 72 page catalog from 1958 is filled with jewelry findings, pocket watch bows, spring bars, catches, joints, pins, pocket watch swivals, ring guards, clips, gold solder, chains, and you name it. It is a good reference for the jeweler, watchmaker, or collector.



U33. SOLD Time's Pendulum by Jo Ellen Barnett. 

This is a new book that originally sold for $14.00.  Over 300 pages.  Timepieces and the history of time from the sundial to the atomic clock are described.


U34. $5 Hamilton Service Bulletin 202-A

Service and repair data on Hamilton 8/0 grade 747 movement.  Genuine Hamilton Service Bulletin on how to service the Hamilton 747 with parts list.

U35.$5  Hamilton Service Bulletin 203-B

Service and repair data on Hamilton 8/0 grade 748 movements.  Genuine Hamilton Service Bulletin with parts list. 

U36. $5 Hamilton Service Bulletin 204-A

Service and repair data on Hamilton 21/0 grade 750 and 751 movements.  Genuine Hamilton Service Bulletin on how to service the Hamilton 750 and 751 with parts list.

U37.$5  Hamilton Service Bulletin 207-A

Service and repair data on Hamilton grade 658, 661, 667, 662, 690, 664, 665 automatic movements with parts list.  Genuine Hamilton Service Bulletin. 

U38. $5 Hamilton Service Bulletin 210

Service and repair data on Hamilton 21/0 grade 757 movements.  Genuine Hamilton Service Bulletin on how to service the Hamilton 757 with parts list.

U39. $4 Hamilton Service Bulletin 211

Service and repair data on Hamilton 8/0 grade 730 movements.  Genuine Hamilton Service Bulletin on how to service the Hamilton 730 with parts list.

U40. $4 Hamilton Service Bulletin 212 

Service and repair data on Hamilton 8/0 grade 735 movements.  Genuine Hamilton Service Bulletin on how to service the Hamilton 735 with parts list.

U41. $4 Hamilton Service Bulletin 213

Service and repair data on Hamilton 12/0 grade 770 movements.  Genuine Hamilton Service Bulletin with parts list.

U42. $5 Hamilton Service Bulletin 219

Service and repair data on Hamilton 666, 663, and 668 Calendar thin-o-matic movements.  Genuine Hamilton Service Bulletin  with parts list.

U43. $5 Hamilton Service Bulletin 223

Service and repair data on Hamilton 679-692-694 automatic movements.  Genuine Hamilton Service Bulletin with parts list.

U44. $5 Hamilton Service Bulletin 225

Service and repair data on Hamilton 623 and 624 automatic movements.  Genuine Hamilton Service Bulletin with parts list.

U45. $5 Hamilton Service Bulletin 226

Service and repair data on Hamilton 626, 627, 628, 629 automatic movements.  Genuine Hamilton Service Bulletin with parts list.

U46. $5 Hamilton Service Bulletin 227

Service and repair data on Hamilton 613 and 614 automatic movements.  Genuine Hamilton Service Bulletin with parts list.


U47. $4  Jeweler Instructions for Jefferson Golden Hour Clock

How to replace a broken crystal.  This leaflet describes how to take the Jefferson Golden Hour clock apart, etc.


lyle_guide.jpg (41782 bytes) U48.  $12.  Lyle, Antiques and Their Value, Clocks and Watches. 

Published by Lyle Publications.  Contents, Bracket Clocks, Carriage Clocks, Clock Sets, Grandfather clocks, Lantern Clocks, Mantel clocks, Skeleton clocks, wall clocks, and watches.  Hundreds and hundred s of clocks and watches pictured and priced. Nearly new condition. 1976.








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