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 The Watchdoc, Box 2127, Poquoson, Virginia USA 23662


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ABBREVIATIONS : BS-broke staff, EN-enamel, F-fine, GF-gold fill, HB&B-hinged back & bezel case, HC-hunting case,J-jewel ,K-karat, KW-keywind, OF-open face pocket watch, S-size, SB&B-screw back & bezel, SS-stainless steel, XF-extra fine, YG(F)(P)-yellow gold (fill) (plate), WGF-white gold filled,

Table of Contents:

Pocket Watch Movements (page 1 below)

Wrist Movements and Cases (page 1 below)

Accutron parts (page 1 below)

Watchmaker Tools (page 2)

Miscellaneous parts, dials, balances, etc (page 3)

Pocket watch cases (page 4)

Pocket Watches - mechanic specials (page 5)

Military Wrist Watch Bands

Clock parts




Pocket Movements, used, as-is, for parts or to restore



Elgin 6 size, 7 jewel pocket HC watch movement


12 S, Elgin, Roman enamel dial nice, no balance wheel or cock, no canon pinion or hour wheel, no winding pinion, no barrel or ratchet wheel, OF mvmt, serial #1929813x


12 size Elgin, partial, missing lever, BS, no canon pinion, no dial, no hour or minute wheel, good 4th wheel, hairspring looks OK

SOLD Waltham

Waltham 16 s, model 1888, 7 jewel, complete, serial #79230xx, with enamel dial (HL)

staff is broken and hairspring looks rusty, for parts or restoration


Walthm0size.jpg (9437 bytes) $15


Partial Waltham O size movement, hunting or wrist watch movement winds at three, 7 jewel, missing barrel and balance plus minute wheel, hour wheel, and canon pinion.  No dial.  Serial number 12,929,7xx.  


Elgin, 8s, HC, 11 jewel, En dial sm chip, early 1,663,xxx


Waltham 12s Royal 17 Jewel mvmt, no balance, metal dial,no hour wheel, hunter case, for restoration or parts, #1105560x
1.15  $25
Elgin 18 size, 15 jewels, partially disassembled.  Missing the center wheel and the third wheel.  Balance has broken staff that has been removed.  Roller and hairspring there, but  hairspring looks bad.  Good balance jewels.  No hands or dial.  serial #27455654, open face. Clean movement, good for parts or restoration.


ill-autocrat-mvmt001.jpg (35506 bytes) $25.95
Illinois 12 size Autocrat, some surface rust, no balance wheel or dial, good wheels, for parts, serial 3497194

Waltham, 16s, parts, no dial, no balance cock or balance wheel, no rachet wheel or crown wheel.  Rest of parts there including full set of wheels and pallet.  4th wheel pivot for second hand also looks good. Serial #16664777


Elgin 12s, appears complete, good balance staff, however movement has some rust on most steel parts, good Arabic dial, hc mvmt is 7 jewel, serial #19598701, for parts or possible restoration, no sec hand or hour hand


 Trenton Watch Co, 6size, 7jewel, partial, no center wheel, no gears under dial, no dial, has balance but staff broke, hairspring may be OK, ser#20,874,xxx


Waltham 12/s 15jewel partial movement, no dial or balance cock or balance wheel.  no barrel, ratchet wheel or crown wheel.Gear train and pallet in place with good 4th wheel.  serial #10271299, canon pinion missing as are gears under dial.


Waltham 16s, model 1888, serial #7151750, partial, no dial, no balance cock or balance wheel, no ratchet wheel, 7jewel.  No pallet or pallet bridge, rest of wheels there. the 4th wheel pivot broken off.  No hour wheel.


Waltham, 12s, serial #8430381, no dial or hour wheel, no ratchet wheel screw, 7 jewel, otherwise appears complete with balance with a broken staff.  4th wheel pivot appears to be broken.


12s Waltham, for parts, missing balance wheel, pallet, center wheel broke, a total wreck, but does have balance cock and a few good parts, no dial,serial #19615477


Waltham, 6 size, 7 jewel, BS, serial # 8005075, with 10s metal conversion dial so will wind at 12, missing pallet and pallet bridge, otherwise appears complete.  Hairsp looks OK, Good for parts.


Howard, 12-14 size, enamel dial has hairlines, partly disassembled, 17 jewels, serial #995643, patent 1912, missing pallet, for parts


Waltham 8s, keywind, Wm Ellery, serial #1,468,xxx, no dial or hour wheel. Broke staff (BS), 7 jewels
1.20 $8
Elgin 8s, 15j, #1,351,xxxx, partial, missing balance wheel and balance cock, no dial, minute wheel or hour wheel
1.21 $15
Waltham 12s, 7jewels, serial #9152106, no dial, mostly complete, but no pallet, balance wheel may have good staff.  4th wheel pivot is broken off.
1.22 SOLD
Elgin, 18s, 7J, decent Roman enamel dial with some edge chips and HL, BS, otherwise complete except for regulator, restorable, Lever set, serial #1976969, early movement!
1.23 SOLD
NY Standard USA, 6S, HC, enamel dial Arabic and good with some hairlines, BS, 7 jewels
1.24 $9.95
Waltham, 8S, keywind and set (KW-KS), 7J, Wm. Ellery, #1,506,176, En dial HL, no balance wheel, no hands
1.25 $29.95
Elgin, 6S, HC, 15 jewels, will tick, good balance, serial #14,207,xxx, good enamel dial Roman with only sm hairlines
1.26 $10
New York Standard, 12 size, hunting case mvmt, 7 jewels, broken staff
1.27 $19
Waltham, 12s, 7J, hunting case mvmt, ser @10,377,xxx.  Balance hairspring missing.  Otherwise complete movement less hands, has metal dial
1.28 $14.95
Elgin 12, OF, no dial or hour wheel, BS, rusty hairspring, serial #29,018,xxx, mvmt is dirty but good for parts
1.29 $29
  Waltham, 16s, 15j, serial # 19,161,897, OF, Enamel dial has hairlines, staff broke, surface rust on winding gears, mvmt looks to be complete, no hands
1.30 SOLD

Wrist MOVEMENTS - used and new vintage movements as described! for parts or for restoration.  (Only new movements run.) Often one part is worth the entire cost of movement!!!



Benrus DR Disassembled, balance wheel looks good, probably not complete
6BP.jpg (9972 bytes) wm1a $29 reduced
Bulova 10BP

10 1/2 ligne

NEW old stock and mint running condition - Men's manual wind Bulova 23J 10BP, no canon pinion or dial (use from old movement). This is a superb adjusted to 6 positions (chronometer) movement!!  Measures 10 1/2 lignes ONE OF THE BEST MOVEMENTS BULOVA ever made in the  USA!
wm2  $12
Elgin 18/0 USA American made 18/0 serial #33,339,xxx, 15J, no upper balance jewel or stem, has dial and hands
wm3 $8.95
Wittnauer 6W7 ladies wrist movement with dial and hand, broke balance staff
wm4 $9
Hamilton 750 USA ladies 750 17J, broken staff (BS)
wm4a $19.95
Bulova 11AFAC mens, automatic, complete except for lower balance jewel and hour wheel
Felsa (F) 330 mans movement with dial, hands, stem, ticks, 17 jewel, about 11 1/2 lignes (hard to measure with oversize dial on mvmt)
wm6  SOLD
Bulova 10BH complete except for click and hour wheel, 21 jewel model, broke staff
wm7 $6 
Hamilton 619 ladies  619 as is
wm8 $19
Elgin 662 USA made, ladies, grade 662, good balance
wm9 SOLD
ETA 1280 (Benrus DN 10) Complete with dial, hands, stem, broke staff, 17jewels, regular (non incabloc) balance
wm10  $9
AS1802/03 movement, partially disassembled, for parts, hairspring looks stretched (see also WM67)
wm11 $10
Gruen 280 280, ladies, complete except for stem, broke staff, with dial and hands, restore or for parts
wm12 $12
Benrus S

6 3/4x11 lignes (VEN 125)

Old 7 jewel model with saphire crown, ticks, with dial and hands
wm13 $19
Benrus BH 14 (ETA 1080) mens, good balance, dial, 17 jewels, ticks
wm14 $15
UT52 on rotor 25 jewels, auto, day-date , dial marked Louis, with hands, ticks
$10 Benrus DR2F5 no dial or calendar, as-is
wm16A $9
Longines 410 ladies complete, ticks, with dial
wm17  $9
Benrus AP12 (PES150) ladies, 17j, complete with dial, no hairspring, for parts
wm18 $15
Gruen 215 ticks, with dial, 17j, ladies
$10  INT 451 runs, dial marked Buren Sport, 17 J
wm20 $15
Bulova 3AL (Font 59) with dial, no stem, staff appears OK, hairspring may be OK but collet has been removed from balance cock
wm21 $15
H Becker (HB) 1161 17 jewel, about 11 1/2 lignes men's manual wind, good balance, with dial and hands, sweep second
wm22 $10
Gruen 424 424, with dial, no hands
wm23 9.95
Font 69-21 Ladies mvmt, runs, no hour wheel, 17J
wm24 SOLD
Font 186 Font 186 man's wrist with Helbros Dial, good balance, complete except for hour wheel, 7J
wm25 $6
KF304 17j, no barrel, no hour wheel, balance good
wm26 $15
PUW561 good helbros dial, cal, 17j, very clean
wm27 $9
FEF210 7J, good balance, no hour wh, no dial
wm28 conrad+mvmt.jpg (6625 bytes) $9.95
FG 65 Fernand Girardet)


size 5.5x6.75 lignes

NEW old stock, runs, complete with dial and hands, 17 jewel, mechanical, very similar to AS 1977, takes same dial, running = may need a little oil as has been in storage for many, many years.  Use this movement to replace worn out ladies mechanical movements.
wm29 $8
MST352 no dial, 7J, ticks




Good incabloc balance, some rust on winding gears, no dial, no hr wheel



Font 70

good balance, no hr wheel




marked Wakmann,no hairsp, BS



P72 Savoie

disassembled, may not be complete



93S1 Junghans




6CLC Bulova

ticks, clean, no hour wheel



Bulova 10BT

missing ratchet and crown wheels, winding gears, some rust, balance hairspring stud not attached



Elgin 533 USA

ticks, no dial or hands, hour wheel also missing

wm37A $12
UTC27 (P72) similar to above, but no stem and not as clean



8F Savoie

with Helbros dial, complete exc for minute wheel



AS1701 Longines 14.16

auto cal, ticks, complete with dial

wm39B $10
AS1220/1221 partial, no balance, with stem & crown
wm40  $20
AS1862/63 auto, good balance, Baylor
wm41radom.jpg (9726 bytes) $35

radod.jpg (8891 bytes)RADO dial, AS1702/03, calendar, sweep, 17j, nice condition, ticks. Comes complete with RADO case minus bezel

wm42A $10
Elgin 19J USA 701 Complete with dial, broke staff,
wm43 $25
(Seiko)Westclox A331-1 NOS (runs) 12 1/2 L round, automatic, 17j, day,date, with Westclox dial, made by Seiko, balance interchanges with Seiko 7000, 7002,7005,7008,7009,7019, runs
wm44 $35
FE4612A NOS, 17j, automatic, day,date, sweep 11 1/2L round, runs
wm45 $35
Longines 4LL High grade ladies, ticks, complete except for stem and hour wheel, no dial or hands
wm46 $15
Hamilton 995A For parts, old ladies USA made 17 Jewel wrist movement, broke staff, with dial


Omega 485 Nice Omega, ticks, complete with dial and hands, ladies watch
$10 Bulova 10BC Complete Bulova 10BC, balance staff broken, dial needs refinish, one hand, for parts 
wm48 SOLD
AS1904 incabloc 17 jewel Caravelle, 11UBCB, no dial and missing some calendar parts, good balance, for parts
wm49 SOLD
Elgin 617 USA ticks, no dial, hands, or minute wheel
wm50 $19
Bulova 5AR  23J, ladies, complete exc stem, ticks
wm51 $15
Wittnauer 5JW ticks, complete with dial, hands, etc
wm52 $15
Benrus HM188 complete, runs, dial and hands, ladies 17j
wm53 SOLD
Zodiac 521B mans manual wind, shock resist, 17J, with good dial and front of case (no back)
wm54 SOLD
Benrus BN11(ETA1240) runs, 7J, manual wind, with dial with colored stones and hands, ladies
wm55 $19
H. Becker 213 Baylor on dial, automatic calendar, 17 jewels, ticks 

(Lucian Picard 61C)

Mans 17 j automatic calendar movement, no dial, almost complete, hairspring looks messed up
wm57 $10
INT 471 Mans 17J, missing canon pinion and some gears under dial, no balance jewels, 21,600 beat
wm58univ601.jpg (5024 bytes) $25
Universal 600 or 601 6 ligne, balance incabloc looks good, missing winding parts, and some parts under dial.  Gear train intact.
wm59 $9.95
AS970 tin with AS970 disassembled, seems to be more than one, has balance
wm60 SOLD
Bulova 6BA 21 jewel movement, complete, clean, with dial, hands, stem and crown marked Bulova (white)
wm61 $8.95
FEF 170 appears complete except for hour wheel, broke staff, 17 jewels
wm62 SOLD
AS1916 partial, no balance or balance cock, otherwise complete except for parts under dial missing
WM63 $8.95
Caravelle 2S0 Japanese Caravelle 11 1/2 ligne, 2S0, barrel gone, dial included, some parts missing, balance looks good
wm64 $8.95
D 40 Complete except for hour wheel, good staff?
WM65 $8.95
bulova 6BS complete except for dial and hour wheel, ticks!!

Bulova 5AH ticks, complete with dial and hands

AS 1802/03 Mans 12 ligne 17 jewel, good balance, clean movement for parts, no pallet, stem, or minute wheel, nice dial marked Kaltron included
NOTE - below movements "disassembled in tins" may or may NOT be complete - consider them grab bags
Hamilton 780 ladies 780 dissassembled in tin, USA Hamilton  
WM69 $9.95
Hamilton 769 two ladies Hamilton mvmts dissassembled in tin
Bulova 10BC Mens 10BC mvmt dissassembled in tin
WM71 $14.95
ETA 2550/Bulova 7BCAC Ladies automatic with dial and case disassembled in tin, balance wheel appears OK
WM72 $8.95
Benrus BA 2 Mens Benrus BA 2 disassembled in tin, hairspring messed up
WM73 $5.95
Bulova 10BH Mens Bulova 10 BH, looks to be in poor condition - disassembled
wm74 SOLD


Seiko 6106B Mens Seiko Automatic calendar, fully disassembled in tin
wm75 $12.95


Elgin 655 USA made 21 jewel ladies movement, complete, balance looks OK,with dial and hands
wm76 $9.95


Bulova 11ALL Bulova, mostly complete, has balance wheel , ratchet wheel missing
wm77 $9.95


Bulova 10BTC Bulova, disassembled in a tin
Wrist  cases
NOS-wrist=case002.jpg (28389 bytes) NOS, gold plated bezel, screw back, water-resistant case for 10 1/2 to 11 ligne movements, will take mens AS 1187/94 movements, 25 mm dial (10 Available)
 wc2 SOLD




ETA 2782 case Stainless waterproof case, screw back - hands, dial, crown, case, NEW never used
WC4 sold

ETA 2782 case Same as above, but is gold plated case


NOS Replacement case, dial, and crown  for Elgin 659 This is a gold plated case with a stainless screw back. (2 available)


A1.acc214_dial1.jpg (8940 bytes) $19
Accutron dial for 214 movement
A2. $35
Accutron 218 movement, for parts, does not run
A3. $59
Accutron 214 movement, for parts, does not run
A4.acc218fork.jpg (11194 bytes) sold
Accutron 2180 Tuning fork assembly, in sealed factory package
A5. $10
Genuine Accutron crown for 218, yellow gold color, used but very little wear, with tuning fork symbol
A6.acc_dial2.jpg (9684 bytes) $25
Accutron dial for 214 movement, nice used, gold numbers
gold set of hands for 214 movement
A8acc214holder.jpg (7244 bytes) $29.95
Accutron 214 movement holder, reversible, genuine.  To be used while working on movement
A9 $15
Accutron 2301 partial movement, for parts, with dial, stem and crown, apart, not all gears
A9A $25
Accutron 214 case, ygf with SS back.  Complete except for crystal.
A10 $10
Genuine Accutron crown for 218, stainless, used but very little wear, with tuning fork symbol
A11Acc-214RR-dial004.jpg (27760 bytes) $25
Accutron 214 original RR dial.
A12accdial3.jpg (8240 bytes) $25
Accutron 214 black dial, flat, looks much better than scan. Raised gold markers

2 (watchmaker tools) , 3 (misc parts), 4 (pocket watch cases), 5 (as-is pocket watches)

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