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WATCHMAKER TOOLS-Most are good or better condition used tools - Also, buy with confidence -  you can return if not satisfied!!  Many one of a kind, all items subject to prior sale.  Not responsible for errors in listings.

Note vintage US and new and vintage Swiss and other European tools are much higher quality than the "reproductions" made today.  - Buy vintage quality when you can!!!!

For example, a quality Swiss Dumont tweezer may cost $20 or more while a cheap reproduction is about $1 - $2 (Compare and you will see why!!)

UPDATE June 2015 Just got in a watchmaker/clockermaker estate so check out our new listings




used to smooth metal parts while turning them on lathe


Small very smooth and hard red stone about 7 mm wide and 2 1/2 inch long for balance staff final smoothing before polishing


Small stone, not as fine as above for grinding down small pivots such as balance staff pivots.  Cross section about 3.5 mm square and about 1 1/4 inch long


 pages:  1(movements, etc),  2,   3 (miscellaneous parts),   4,(pw cases)   5 (as-is pw's)

updated June 2015

T1.37 SOLD



 ex_roller_remover.jpg (10258 bytes) roller remover

tool to remove pocket watch rollers - when you have a broken staff, the roller of the old staff must be removed and then reused


T1.37A $19.95

also see T1.39D1

ccutron-opener-plastic.jpg (9357 bytes)Accutron Opener

This vintage Bulova Accutron tool is used to open Bulova  214 and 218 watch cases without damaging them.  Plastic will not scratch case!!!




Good working L&R demagnizer.  You need this tool to demagnitize hairsprings if the watch is running fast.  Also, use to demagnetize screwdrivers and tweezers to keep screws from sticking!!!  Shipping weight is 1 pound.




 il-lamp.JPG (17801 bytes) lamp, typical

Vintage alcohol lamp used to warm pallets, and rollers to melt shellac that is used as an adhesive to set jewels






Gruen custom wrist watch opener for Curvex and Veri-thin models and others as well.  A Gruen collector should have one (one available!



needle only


uto_oil.jpg (24676 bytes)needle          

 Oiler-Bergeon 2718 1A below shown so you know what the needle fits into.

New Replacement inner oiler "needle" Bergeon No 2718P for automatic oiler 2718/1A


T1.37AAA $8.95

 Watch cell tester

meter for checking all watch cells including silver oxide, mercury, zinc air, etc.


T1.37B $24.95



Used Ring cutter, Picture representative of stock

This tool is needed to cut a ring off a persons finger without hurting the finger. Often a gold ring or wedding band just will not come off.  If that happens, this is the tool you need!!


G-opener-feb.jpg (335437 bytes)  LG Watch Opener for waterproof cases


T1.37C $39.95 LG American made Rolex opener without rings.  We can supply a set of Rolex opening rings for $125, email us if required. .  If you want to open a Rolex, you must have special openers or you can ruin the case back and destroy value!!!  Also, can be used in conjunction with LG wrench T1.51A1 below to open conventional waterproof cases.  shipping weight is 1 pound.


T1.37CC $19.95

ndercutter-sm.JPG (17944 bytes) ndercutter_ins.jpg (47374 bytes)Balance Screw undercutter - remove weight from screws to speed up watch

If your watch runs slow with the regulator on full fast and the hairspring is not damaged - you need to remove weight from opposite balance screws.


T1.37CCC $14.95 reduced price

Another type of balance screw undercutter

If your watch runs slow with the regulator on full fast and the hairspring is not damaged - you need to remove weight from opposite balance screws. Has 7 cutters on base to remove metal from most size pocket watch screws.


T1.37D  $7.95

ole-tool-vise.jpg (10889 bytes)

graduated hole block for staking and other operations.  Fits in bench vise.


T1.37E $69.95

 K&D Quality Bench Winders

Set of three old vintage K&D watch  bench winders to use to wind the movement when out of the case. Covers almost all pocket watches and some wrist watches. 


T1.37EE $19.95


Watch Hand installation tool - wrist and pocket - important tool for proper hand installation.  Six different size heads, 2 on each of three metal tools.

Use these stakes to press on wrist and pocket watch hands, 6  heads to handle most every situation.  This tool makes the job easy.  Fitting hands is one of the more important tasks. NEW.


T1.37EEE $5.95

olish-tool.jpg (33632 bytes) 

Vintage tool for holding rings, etc for polishing.  Saves the fingers!



was $9.95 Special $7.95

 rass-2-end-vise.jpg (12260 bytes)  brass pin vise

Old vintage BRASS two-ended vise for holding broaches and other round stock such as PW stems, etc


T1.37G $6.95

   Steel pin vise

Vintage STEEL two ended pin vise.  Like above 




alance-screw-pinvise.jpg (10610 bytes)balance screw pin vise (specify small for wrist watches or large for pocket watches)

Vintage  precision pin vise.  This type is used to hold balance wheel screws as they have to be removed when putting timing washers under the screw. New cost about $50 each.





rass=pin-vise.jpg (9162 bytes)representative picture

Vintage brass handle pin vise.  Use to hold broaches, stems, etc. Three to four inches long.




in+vise+one+end.jpg (14310 bytes)   in-vise-vigor001.jpg (27649 bytes)

Quality made single end pin-vise, similar to picture to use to hold small broaches, files, stems, and graver  ~3.5-4.5 inches long


T1.38AA $8.95


iles.jpg (38815 bytes)

6 assorted used vintage small files- triangular, round, flat, etc  useful for various work on watch cases, to make parts, etc.  Similar to those pictured.  These Swiss and American files are quite expensive to buy new and one would cost more than all six! 


T1.38A $12.95

vmthr.jpg (12358 bytes) 

Nice vintage two sided movement holder  will hold wrist to about 12 size pocket watch comfortably. compare to Swiss at $45




Same as above, but by Levin, who made top quality tools, lathes, etc

Levin, reversable movement holder


T1.38B 19.95

anon_pinion_toolB.JPG (41268 bytes)Picture Representative of device

Good vintage Canon Pinion tightener tool.  If your watch runs erratically slow, a slipping canon pinion may be the problem.  The canon pinion is under the dial and fits over the center wheel pinion and allows the hands to slip when the watch is set.  If insufficient friction is present, the canon pinion slips and the hands do not move.  (Several varieties, will not be exactly like picture.)


T1.38C $29.00

leeve-wrench.gif (92094 bytes)typical of our stock

Vintage USED Sleeve wrench, 10 arms and all are good, though some may show some wear.   This tool is used to remove the sleeve out of the pocket watch case.  The sleeve holds the stem in place in American pocket watches.  This tool is also used to adjust the depth of the stem.  This adjustment is needed if the watch is not winding and setting properly.


T1.38C1 $19.00

leeve-wrench.gif (92094 bytes) picture is typical of stock

Same as T1.38C, except  one or two smaller arms is worn, but good value




    Similar to above, but 14 ARM

Vintage 14 arm used sleeve wrench.  All arms except the 3 smallest are in good condition. Made in Germany.





Vintage Old K&D #148 6 Arm Sleeve Wrench in good condition, similar to the one pictured for smaller pocket watches




roaches-small.jpg (6241 bytes)  Very Small reaming broaches

Six small watch broaches used to ream out PW second hands and to enlarge other small holes.


T1.38E Obama style antique jewel hole gauge SOLD

ask for picture if you are not familiar 

Jewel hole gauge that will measure from balance jewel holes to pocket watch plate jewels.  A hard to find tool.


T1.38F Seitz jeweling tool $149

eitz-jeweling-tool11.JPG (83877 bytes) representative picture

Used Seitz jeweling tool.  CD with Seitz Jeweling Catalog included.  Shipping weight 3 pounds. EXTRA POSTAGE WILL BE REQUIRED. for Foreign buyers , so contact us first for shipping quote.  Smallest reamer is broken, missing about 3 stumps.  




ench-key003.jpg (20136 bytes)Typical picuture

Vintage bench key with three male and three female posts for winding most pocket watches from 18 size to 6 size. 



watchmaker files/diamond


 iamond-files001.jpg (257874 bytes)

New small files with diamond dust embedded.  These are small files of the type used by watchmakers.  The addition of the diamond dust makes your work much faster even on hard to cut materials.  Every metal worker, casemaker, and watchmaker needs these!! Reduced!!!



A very unusual vintage balance wheel poising tool.  Also used to straighten the balance wheel. A watch tool collector's show piece!!!


T1.39A1 $9.95

vmt_holder_white.jpg (10333 bytes) 

Movement holder 4n1  plastic ends, vintage, made in Japan


T1.39A12 SOLD

Picture representative - different color containers are in stock

Set of 8 Swiss mainspring winders needed to wind mainsprings to insert into mainspring barrel.  Wrist watch size.  Sizes 5.6 to 10.0 mm.



 anonpinclose.jpg (64559 bytes)

canon pinion tighening tool.  If the canon pinion slips, the watch will loose time inconsistently.



Pocket and large wrist oiler for balance jewels


iler-balance-jewel.jpg (4615 bytes)

Genuine Vigor Swiss balance jewel oiler.  The tiny wire is protected by reversing the end with the wire.  The oiler is so small that it forces oil through the balance jewel hole. NEW


1.39B $5.95

crystal gage

tal_gage.gif (809630 bytes)  GS crystal gauge

Crystal gauge for measuring fancy and standard watch crystals.  Very useful tool!



  wrist watch crown thread reamer and taps

Often the threads of crowns are damaged or not the exact size. This set of reamers and taps can fix many wrist watch crown threads


T1.39C $6.95

ubber_case_op.jpg (13123 bytes)

 rubber pocket watch case opener - NEW flexible and work very well!!  This gives your hand the leverage needed to open screw back cases.


T1.39D-18s $9.95

vmt+rings_larg.JPG (20011 bytes)Only one ring, two shown for illustrations only, various materials, aluminum, plastic, or wood depending on what we have on hand

vintage 18 size watch assembly ring for pocket watches,  two sided, best movement holders for assembly and disassembly.  


T1.39D- 16s $9.95

vmt+rings_larg.JPG (20011 bytes)Only one ring, two shown for illustrations only - supplied in plastic, wood, or metal as available

vintage 16 size pocket watch assembly ring 




vmt+rings_larg.JPG (20011 bytes)Only one ring, two shown for illustrations only

vintage 12 size pocket watch assembly ring


T1.39D1 reduced!!!


ccutron-wrench.jpg (4991 bytes)

Genuine Vintage  Bulova accutron "L" opener.  This opener supplied by Bulova opens the Accutron 214 and 218 and does not scar the case.  Best opener for accutron!!




vmt_rings.jpg (12739 bytes)

Set of vintage aluminum watch assembly rings wrist size up to small pocket watch especially made for American movements.  Sizes  0, 3/0, 5/0, 6/0, 10/0, etc.


T1.40 SOLD

     as pictured or similar

Nice vintage screwdriver sharpener.  Place screwdriver in holder and run over stone to sharpen.


T1.40A $19.95


  w-bench-key.jpg (5592 bytes) typical - Note some have wood handle

vintage bench key for keywind watches - will fit most keywinds, spring loaded


T1.41 SOLD

  D_ms_winder_-_new.jpg (52493 bytes)typical 

This is a nice K&D pocket watch mainspring winder in very good condition that came in the plastic box.  Some may have different inserter style.



anon-pin-tool.jpg (5770 bytes)S&B Canon pinion tool

Does your watch run but the hands do not move.  You have a slipping canon pinon.  Here is  a vintage tool for closing the canon pinion. 


T1.41AAA $99

 &D-ms-winder-jan.jpg (164409 bytes) K&D pocket watch mainspring winder. Insert in bench vise to use. Use in 18, 16, 12, 10, 8, 6 size

Quality made K&D vintage  mainspring winder set with worn paper box and wood insert.  This one is a vintage model that  fits in the bench vise.  Can be used to insert most pocket watch mainsprings. Has two winders and 6 barrels.





K&D Pocket watch mainspring winder set 128 in original Box - use in vise, three winding handles and 8 barrels cover most everything in pocket watches and larger wrist



T1.41AA $49

ilson_roll_rem.JPG (18901 bytes)oller.jpg (55720 bytes)Complete set as shown to left 

remover with one punch to show details

Vintage Quality!!  Complete set of Wilson roller removers that will remove roller tables from wrist to pocket watch.  In wood container.


T1.41A1A $24.95

oller.jpg (55720 bytes)

one remover with one punch only

Single pocket watch roller remover with one punch, no wood container



rown-reamers-topview.jpg (74023 bytes)POCKET WATCH CROWN REAMER!!!

Spring loaded tool that is used to open up the hole of pocket watch crowns so they will fit over the pendant post. One end of one cutter has chip, but still does a good job.



s-ms-winder.jpg (217368 bytes)

Vintage mainspring winder in original box.  Will wind springs into 18 size, 16 size, 12 size and smaller pocket watch barrels. Similar to K&D and barrel inserts interchange with K&D. In original old box!


T1.41B1 Marshall PW mainspring winder SOLD


arshall-ms-winder.JPG (180172 bytes)

Nice Marshall Pocket Watch mainspring winder to wind in pocket watch mainsprings.  Will work for most pocket watches from ladies to men's 18 size.


T1.41C $7.95

Genuine Bulova opener for wrist watches




pener-japanese.JPG (28467 bytes)typical type

Watch opener that works well for either wrist or pocket watches.  Unique design really helps get the job done on stubborn tight backs.


T1.41E  Classic case opener SOLD

Vintage case opening tool for wrist or pocket watches. Vigor, Maxall, or equivalent brands.  Pic is representative of style.


T1.42   $24.95

aliper.jpg (69547 bytes)typical type, various vintage calipers in stock

POCKET WATCH hand caliper used to hold balance wheels and other wheels while straightening and poising (balancing)- new cost over $100!!


T1.42AA  $24.95

Similar to above but smaller version for wrist watches



T1.42A $39

ccutron-meter-1.JPG (42150 bytes)

Bulova accutron meter needed to repair the vintage Accutron 214, 218, etc.  Meter works, but does not appear to be accurate.  Probably needs a new resister somewhere.  extra shipping required. As-is, no returns!


T1.43 $29.95

riumph-swiss-twez.jpg (207697 bytes)Tweezers, 

vintage with slider to hold small parts such as balance staffs, etc

Triumph very old Swiss tweezers with 7 graduated holes to hold wheels, staffs, and other small round objects.  Has slider.  We use to hold staffs while measuring their dimensions.


T1.43A  $7.95


One small baskets about 0.5 inch diameter that fits inside watch cleaning machine basket to hold small parts.


T1.44 $6.95

igor-sliding-pinvise.jpg (15428 bytes)quality about 4-inch long

Sliding head pin vise is very useful as you can rapidly adjust the sliding ring to tighten on round objects such as broaches, files, stems, etc


T1.45   $15 


K&D 123B adjustable wristwatch mainspring winder, adjusts for barrel diameters 4-6 MM


T1.45A $19.95

lock_punches.JPG (28980 bytes)

Set of four large diameter punches for clocks in aluminum container.


T1.46  Sold

ongines-1200-xtal-rem.jpg (16281 bytes)

Genuine Longines Admiral 1200 crystal remover and inserter tool = used to compress crystal


T1.47 Sold


 B-demag.jpg (126667 bytes)

Vintage working demagnetizer.  Tweezers and screwdrivers need to be demagnetized so that screws do not stick to them.  Also, the hairspring of a watch can get magnetized - this causes the watch to run VERY fast!! Just insert the object inside the tunnel, hold button down, and slowly draw it out. Repeat if necessary. Old, but works great!


T1.47A $9.95

iamantine.jpg (11836 bytes)Representative picture, not all in glass bottles

Diamantine powder that is used to polish pocket watch staff pivots and other steel parts. 



 BERGEON Style Plastic (white) blower

Used plastic blower, dust is the watchmakers enemy.  You need to blow all lint off a movement while assembling.  Also, blow off lint from dial and case.  This blower works well.





nt-pliars.jpg (23540 bytes)  Antique watchmaker pliers

Antique slip ring pliers that are useful for holding broaches, parts, etc.  The slip ring holds the part in place very quickly.


T1.47D $19.95 reduced!!

ewel_push.jpg (11614 bytes)Representative

Nice Vintage Pocket watch jewel pusher.  This tool is required to push out balance jewels which must be cleaned thoroughly for the watch to run accurately.  Old, no longer made, may vary slightly from one pictured.







T1.47D1 $9.95 reduced

w-opener-wood.jpg (18396 bytes)  Vintage screw back pocket watch opener, ONLY ONE IN STOCK

This very useful tool is a great help in opening 18 size and down screw back pocket watch cases.  Has rubber ends to grip the back and bezel, but rubber is worn and needs replacing. You can put double sticky tape in ends to get great grip!


T1.47DD $9.95


ilers.JPG (24739 bytes)picture is typical of our stock

Set of four used vintage dip oilers for wrist and pocket watches.



1-stirrer.JPG (39941 bytes) Cleaning machine agitator

Watch cleaner shaft that attaches to small 2.25 in basket.  (see 1.9 for basket) Can be attached to variable speed motor and shaft to make your own cleaning machine.



eer-case-pliers.jpg (31897 bytes)

these Peer USA made pliers have many uses and can be used to remove waterproof case backs with slots.  Also, to hold rings, plus many other uses.



  PEER Roller Jewel inserting tweezers

Peer 47-392 Roller jewel inserting tweezers, have special ends to fit roller jewels.  Pesky roller jewels are a problem as they typically fly out of normal tweezers!!!


T1.48 10.95


watchmaker hammer with brass metal and plastic ends. You need this hammer to use with staking set to avoid damaging the punches.  Use brass end!!


T1.48A1 SOLD

Vintage Pocket watch and wrist watch hand hole gauge - pic typical

A hand hole gauge is valuable in fitting hands.  Simply place the hand over the correct tapered pin to determine the hole diameter or to compare hand holes quickly.  We describe its use in our lesson #9.



 oupe-1.jpg (12592 bytes)

Loupes, clip on, same type as pictured EXCEPT single lens that fits over glasses.




&Lloupe1.jpg (14674 bytes) 

Used Double lens Bausch and Lomb clip on 





Single B&L lens like above, back in stock

Same as above Bausch, but only one



T1.48B $9.95 reduced

oller-rem-wrist.jpg (9467 bytes)Roller remover

Genuine Swiss wrist watch Roller Remover, used, good condition 


T1.48C  $6.95


Roller remover

Same as above, Except has chip

slight damage, at larger end, but still works fine


T1.49B $14.95


SET of 7 Clock hole closing punches in wood container. Use to close holes when not enough wear to require bushings. A very good set of punches. . 


T1.49BB  $4.95

ood=case=vise.jpg (28673 bytes)representative pic to show size

Old wood case vise similar to above, but smaller



 ase-open-large.JPG (35467 bytes)

Vintage professional bench-style case opener. This type will open most any wrist watch screw back from the ordinary to the tough divers watches, etc.   


T1.49CC Three gold filled bows REDUCED $8.95


  old-filled-bows.jpg (537870 bytes)Note color not correct, is yellow gold filled

YELLOW Gold filled bow for pocket watch, NOS.  Pocket watch is for illustration only. Bow fits 12 size thin model cases best.  Sorry, color not right, is yellow gold filled, NOT GOLD PLATED


T1.50 $49

uller-turret.JPG (30429 bytes)

Genuine Presto - Quality turret style hand puller that can be used to safely pull many hands without touching dial. 



airspring-leveler1.jpg (4560 bytes)  Hairspring leveler, several styles, pic is typical

Tool with slot at end to slip over hairspring to aid in leveling pocket and wrist hairsprings.


T1.51 $9.95

 rills-indexed001.jpg (21412 bytes)

Drill index with twist drills included from 61 to 80


T1.51A $12.95

ammer-rivet.jpg (99994 bytes)  representative picture

Vintage watchmakers hammer for riveting and for miscellaneous other uses.  Hammer marked Marshall, which was a watchmaker supply house.  Round face of hammer about 3/8 inch in diameter.



Carbide Drills

arbide+drills.jpg (30880 bytes)  Carbide drills - drills through most everything!!

These high quality carbide drills are from 0.6 mm to around 2.0 mm.  Carbide drills are very hard and can be used to cut hardened steel.  Useful for repivoting clock and larger pocket watch gears and for general drilling.  These would cost about $80 from most sources!


T1.51A2 SOLD

Elgin jewel shock spring inserter

lgin-jewel-tool.jpg (7525 bytes)  

Genuine Elgin marked tool for removing and inserting Dura jewel shock spring (these are balance wheel jewel shock springs)


T1.51A3 SPECIAL $24.95

  Pocket watch bow closing pliers

Bow closing pliers, vintage.  A must have tool to close the pocket watch bow, or tighten it if loose.


T1.51A4 $49.95

Genuine USED WatchCraft Swiss made Jaxa type watch case opener.  These wrenches have three adjustable pins that fit the slots in screw back cases. Three sets of pins included.  (only 1 available).


T1.51A5 SOLD

LG - Made in USA

Professional LG American made wrench for opening screw back cases.  Used. 1 available


T1.51A6 $7.95

ernier-calipers.jpg (35542 bytes)representative picture

Used Inside-outside vernier calipers.  German, French, Swiss, good used!


T1.51A7 SOLD

Available Again

oller-inserter-tool.JPG (46793 bytes)Very hard to find vintage tool.  Only one in stock!!! Box not included.

Presto #5 Roller Jewel Inserter.  Much better than having them jumping out of your tweezers!!!



ase_op_prof.jpg (16090 bytes)

Older professional case opener that will open most screw back wrist watches.  This is a very rugged and heavy tool that will open the tough waterproof cases with notched back.


T1.51B18 $24.95

 18s - Picture is typical

Vintage bench winder that will wind and let down power of 18 size pocket watches. Two ends


T1.51B16 $24.95

Bench Key - a must to let down power of a watch

16S -  Picture is typical


Vintage bench winder that will wind and let down power of 16 size and 12 size pocket watches. 


T1.52 $5.95

ewel-cement.jpg (10470 bytes)Representative 

Roller Jewel "cement," is really  shellac.  Heat the roller table and apply to hold in roller jewel. This is the classic method to cement roller jewel into roller table.  Flaked shellac works better than the older shredded shellac, so we supply mainly the flaked. Some watchmakers use a controlled hotplate instead of the alcohol lamp for better control of heat.



enrus-closing-press.JPG (33094 bytes) 

Vintage Press made by Benrus to assist in opening and closing waterproof snap back watches.  A press is needed to snap together these watches as well as many of the modern quartz watches.



enrus-closing-press.JPG (33094 bytes)PRESS ONLY without box or plastic disks

 This press is useful to close cases etc


T1.52C $14.95

oseley-4n1.jpg (13777 bytes)

Vintage USA made four in one wrist watch and small pocket watch movement holder.  A quality made holder!


T1.52CC $29.95


w-sturdy-mvmt-holder.JPG (27778 bytes)

Sturdy vintage heavy duty two-sided movement holder that will hold up to 18 size large pocket watches and also wrist watches. Order quick as only one in stock!



uby-jaw-poising.JPG (29637 bytes) 

Watchcraft poising tool with jeweled jaws that are in great condition - near perfect ruby jaws-   A poising tool is needed to "balance" or poise a balance wheel similar to balancing a tire.  Railroad grade watches were adjusted to position.  Part of the process was to poise, ie, "balance" the balance wheel by either removing a small amountof weight from a screw or by adding weight using washers.



Watchcraft poising tool, BUT ruby jaws are missing.   see above picture. NO wood box.

NOte, even though the ruby jewel jaws are missing, you can use the steel jaw supports for poising.  With bubble level.



asesp.jpg (76360 bytes)

six upper catch case springs for hunting case pocket watches.



asesp.jpg (76360 bytes)

six assorted lower, lift, case springs for pocket watches


T1.55 SOLD

oise-tool-HR.JPG (24927 bytes) 

Vintage poising tool by Levin, the top maker of quality watchmaker tools.   This is a large tool with ruby red jaws plus a bubble.  A similar one today would cost hundreds of dollars.


T1.56  $9.95

   ent-drills.jpg (17006 bytes)

Assorted one dozen new and used dental drills, very useful for watch and clock repair


T1.56AA11 KT-22 watch stem grease  $6.95

  T-22.jpg (8027 bytes)

lube grease for winding mechanism of wrist and pocket watches, stem, clutch, clutch lever, detent, etc.  Also, good lube for small clocks and instruments, and good for sealing cases.


 T1.56A dozen spade drills for clock work $8.95

pade=drills.jpg (13654 bytes)

dozen spade drills that are much better than twist drills for clock work etc



T1.56A11 SOLD

  Schwartzchild jewel hole gauge


Nice aluminum jewel hole gage similar to seitz hole gauge.  One piece with multiple stepped surfaces on each end.


T1.56A2 SOLD

emag_magna_flx.jpg (119059 bytes)

Quality instantaneous demagnifier by Magna-flux made especially for watchmakers.  These quality demagnifiers are need to demagnetize screwdrivers, tweezers, etc.  Also needed to demagnetize the hairspring, which will cause the watch to run very fast.



  rown gage.jpg (38196 bytes)

crown gauge to measure the thread, tube opening, diameter, etc.  A very useful gauge that will pay for itself if you have a lot of loose crowns.




Used Swiss #3 general purpose tweezers for watch repair - good points


T1.56BC $12.95

umont4.jpg (173074 bytes)

Dumont Swiss #4 Stainless tweezer with fine points for hairspring work and for picking up small parts.


T1.56BBC $9.95




Genuine Dumont SWISS style #3 rustless steel, this style is similar to the 3D



  eer-tweezers-sharp-point.jpg (156953 bytes)click image for good picture

 Quality Peer Swiss  made stainless tweezers #6 very sharp points good for hairspring work, looks like new


T1.57 $14.95

 crewhead-file007.jpg (8077 bytes)Screw slot file - fix those screw slots!!  Typical pic.

SWISS Screw head file, used, average condition may have a "nick" out of the edge.  You need this file to clean out the screw slot for pocket and wrist watch screws.  Also used to make slot for new screws.  Can be used to lighten the balance screws to make pocket watch run faster.  (However, a screw undercutter is recommended for that job).


T1.57A $5.95

Watchmakers Tweezers

Used 3C style


T1.58 $9.95

umont8.jpg (139791 bytes)same style as Dumont #8

Very heavy Swiss #8 tweezers for heavy work


T1.59 $4.95

Used 3C General purpose tweezers

tweezers, steel used


T1.59A $9.95 

umont3c.jpg (8122 bytes)              

Dumont 3C - stainless rustless/nonmagnetic


T1.59AA  $7.95


Tweezer similar shape to above

New, stainless, nonmagnetic quality tweezer similar to Dumont 3C above.  This tweezer is a great general purpose tweezer and since non-magnetic does not attract screws etc



lock-bench-key.jpg (22939 bytes)Typical, for winding and letting down mainspring of clocks, saves knuckles and fingers if mainspring should break when winding!

Used Clock bench key similar to picture except ends nickel plated with ends marked 4 and 6, which seems to be the diagonal of the square in mm.


T1.60 $8.95

age.jpg (49670 bytes)typical

Movement gage A MUST have tool. You use this gage to measure the size of all watches, both Swiss and American.  Just measure the diameter across the dial and observe marks to indicate pocket watch sizes from 18 size on down to wrist watch sizes like 6/0, etc.  On the back it can measure Swiss sizes, typically measured in lignes.  Gage shown is typical, the one you receive will not be exactly the same, tut will be aluminum with black background.


T1.61 SOLD

aseopener=wood.jpg (16933 bytes)  wrist case opener

This rubber ended tool is used to help open screw back wrist watch cases when they are not super tight.


 T1.62  SOLD


&R_tickoprint.JPG (79502 bytes)  Note Shipping will be around $20 extra

L&R tickoprint transistor TP watch timing machine.  These cost about $2000 or more when new and were the top of the line about 25 years ago.  Times most all mechanical watches plus accutron.  AS-IS, with pickup.  Will only ship in USA.  Fix or use as spare parts for your machine.



Genuine Presto pocket and wrist hand remover, just got a couple more in stock!


resto_gen.jpg (12820 bytes)  

This is a good used  hand remover, vintage.  Presto #1 or #2.  Works great for both wrist watches and pocket watches.


T1.63AA1 $6.95

ithwood.jpg (35192 bytes)Florida pithwood is good for cleaning out pinions, holding parts, movements, etc.  

Assorted  NEW and slightly used - 6 to 8 pieces, mostly larger diameter


T1.63A1 SOLD

arge-rnd-nose-pliers.jpg (28384 bytes)  round nose pliers

USA made vintage round nose pliers useful for bending inner coils of mainsprings for watches, and clocks


T1.63A2 $19.95

resto3.jpg (45603 bytes)box not included

Genuine vintage Presto #3 sweep wheel remover by G. Gustafson, USA made


T1.63A $15.95

ole-closing-punches.jpg (52481 bytes)Set of 7 vintage clock hole closing punches

Set of clock hole closing punches that can be used to close slightly worn bushings.  Not recommended if the bushings are badly worn, then you have to re-bush.  In wood and plastic container.




ivot-gage.jpg (7399 bytes)V-slot pivot gage

Vintage v-slot graduated pivot gage for quickly measuring the pivots of balance staffs etc  in hundredths of a mm (from 6/100 to 29/100).  


T1.63B  $15.95


 &dhandpuller.jpg (13862 bytes) watch and clock hand puller

Genuine vintage K&D pocket watch hand puller, works well, and will also pull off small CLOCK hands.


T1.63C $59.95

anon_pin_tool1.jpg (25687 bytes)Canon pinion puller, M&S patent,    Also will pull hands, etc.

Vintage tool to pull the canon pinion on pocket and wrist watches.  The canon pinion must be removed before the center wheel can be taken from the plate.  The canon pinion often must be tightened if the hands of the watch do not move or if the watch runs erratically and always slow.  These were always expensive.  Good condition.






 T1.64 $49

K&D 50B 

for wrist & pocket watches

taffrm.jpg (23587 bytes)

watch staff remover to be used in your staking set to safely remove the balance staff without warping the balance wheel.  Will work on most wrist and pocket watches up to  hairspring seat of 1.25 mm.  Note - two punches shown, Only ONE comes with the remover.  By K&D, no longer made.


T1.64A $59

staff remover For large pocket watches  K&D 50

taffrm.jpg (23587 bytes)  Instructions for use (pdf format)

pocket watch staff remover to be used in your staking set to safely remove the balance staff for pocket watches with hairspring seat over 1.25mm.   Good used. For details on how to replace staffs, see my CD lesson #5


T1.65 $35.95

vmt_hold.jpg (28998 bytes)

Meyer's pocket watch movement holder will hold all pocket watch movements.  With quick release, good old vintage holder. Comes with inserts.  Will work from wrist watch to over 18 size! IN ORIGINAL BOX


T1.65A $19.95

Bulova universal movement holder for ALL movements, mechanical, electric, electronic, and LARGE pocket watches - very heavy and sturdy.  Just take out movable arms for mechanicals!  Note weighs almost 1 pound!  Not in original box and missing some of the white posts incomplete   USA shipping only.




and-refinish.jpg (26540 bytes)typical pic

HR kit #52-970 Used Yellowish and white waxy-type material to fill luminous watch hands. Heat and apply with wand.  Also sold as Vigor Luminous compound RS-300. Used but still enough to do a lot of hands!


T1.67 $4.95

cribe.jpg (9161 bytes)

Scribe with screw on top.  Also can be  used as a punch in addition to other uses. Sharp point.


T1.68 $9.95

 nvil-hex.jpg (11115 bytes) TYPICAL

Watchmaker's anvil. May be used for staking. We have several types, some have the holes in a circle instead of rows.


T1.68A $12.95 reduced

nvil.jpg (8788 bytes)

This vintage anvil has a v-shaped cut-out that can be used for many operations.  Also, staking operations



crew-driv-watchcraft.JPG (49122 bytes)

Quality watchmaker screwdrivers sold by WatchCraft.  This is a quality set of 7.  Measure from 0.7 mm to 2.4 mm in width.


T1.69 $15.95 reduced price

ennison-gage.jpg (24187 bytes) 

Vintage Dennison  mainspring gage made for quickly measuring American PW mainsprings.  Pictured is typical.



T1.69A $19.95

Box shown to identify item.  Not included as item is used.

Vigor Quality standard RM365 crystal lift. Top quality old tool to remove plastic crystals.  The jaws squeeze and compress the crystal for removing or inserting.



tal_lift_elec.JPG (36276 bytes)

Vintage Large Electrovise brand crystal lift that can be used to insert and remove plastic crystals without removing movement from case. 



 il-cups-4.JPG (46193 bytes)

Vintage set of three oil cups.


T1.69D $8.95

ilcup1.jpg (15133 bytes)wood oil cup, representative of our stock

Vintage wood oil cup, vintage



T1.70 $29.95 reduced!!

ollremo.jpg (6088 bytes)

Patented USA roller table remover for pocket watches. The roller table must be removed before a new staff can be installed in a balance wheel. USA Patent #1941756.  With punch


T1.71 $19.95 Verdana'>

and_broach.jpg (10983 bytes)

Vintage Watch hand broaching tool, not cheaper new variety. works great for pocket watch hands.


T1.71A $14.95

Same as above but smaller for wrist hands-at right in pic.


T1.72 $9.95



tool for warming pallets and roller tables so that stick shellac can be applied to hold the jewels in place.  Also, used to adjust the depth of these jewels.


T1.73  SOLD

   &D-hand-msWinder.jpg (128887 bytes)

Available again.  Good vintage used K&D 126 pocket watch mainspring winder set. This is a quality made old used set that is no longer made.   It will handle ladies pocket watches to large 18 size men's pocket watches.  You need a mainspring winder to avoid setting the spring.  Also, winding by hand is hard on the fingers!!!


T1.74 SOLD

   s-winder-watchcraft-single.jpg (11646 bytes)  Note each winder is like one at left

Good vintage Watchcraft used pocket watch mainspring winder set.  This is a quality made old used set that is no longer made.   It will handle pocket watches to large 18 size mens pocket watches.  You need a mainspring winder to avoid setting the spring.  American pocket watches with the hole end or the T-end are much more difficult to wind into the barrel, so you need a good set of winders like this one!!


T1.74A $24.95

g_winder_pic.jpg (34769 bytes)

Vintage LG mainspring winder for wrist watches. (box included)


T1.75 $29.95 reduced

ewelgage.jpg (18342 bytes)Roller jewel and Metric thickness gage, small and accurate, pic typical

Metric thickness gage.  Hard to find




&d123.jpg (10600 bytes)K&D wrist mainspring winder





Larger K&D winder similar to above

K&D mainspring winders to fit most wrist watch and small pocket watches with barrel diameters from 8 to 11 mm


T1.75B2 $14.95

K&D small size mainspring winder,123B sizes 4-6

K&D mainspring winders to fit wrist watches with barrel diameters from 4 to 6 mm


T1.75B3 SOLD


Set of all three K&D mainspring winders to fit barrel diameters 4 to 10 mm.



T1.75C $8.95

Four arm sleeve wrench for small pocket watches and some early wrist watches.




 wrist_winders.JPG (40945 bytes) Typical, color can vary!

Set of seven bracelet mainspring winders in original plastic container. USA vintage made by J. P. Schilling, Illinois.  From 5 mm to about 10 mm diameter.  Wind right - clockwise.


owpliers.jpg (36625 bytes)representative picture

Bow Opening pliers, used to remove bows from pocket watches 


T1.77 10.95

Bergeon Blower

owpliers.jpg (36625 bytes)representative picture

Used Bergeon blower  no 30540 - A good blower is a must to remove dust and list from a watch movement!! This one works great!



Stick of plastic crystal polish, pic is representative - opened and used  but 80-90% still there

tal-polish.jpg (13284 bytes)


Polish out scratches in plastic crystals!!  This buffing compound when used with a buffing wheel will polish hundreds of crystals saving you big bucks.  If scratches are deep, then fine sandpaper can be used first, then polish with this compound.  (Refer to Lesson #8 for details)


T1.79 $19.95

Vintage Hand gauge - picture is representative of gauges

Hand gauge can be used to fit over hour hand and minute hand post to determine the size of hole needed.  Also, the length can also be determined with this gage.  VERY USEFUL for wrist watch and pocket watch repair.  Works for all hands.  Note, various hand gages are in stock, picture is REPRESENTATIVE.






T1.80A Vigor crystal lift OUT OF STOCK


tal_vigor.jpg (45527 bytes) 


Used, good condition.  One of the best crystal inserter and puller for round watch crystals.  


T1.80AA Vigor lilliput xtal lift  SOLD


used, for small crystals, a scaled down version of the one above


T1.81 SOLD


ontros_mvmt.jpg (16720 bytes)

used, Swiss Montros watch holder, will hold most all pocket and wrist watches, reversible, One of my favorite holders, very nice.  Double sided of course.


T1.81B sold

5-hand-pinvise.JPG (56133 bytes)

Vintage hand held pin vise with wing nut.  Use to hold broaches, stems, small parts.


T1.81C $8.95

3C Tweezers   umont1.jpg (7536 bytes) 

used but looks good #3C Stainless tweezers, used representative of our stock, a good general purpose tweezer


T1.81CC  $8.95


Dumont 3C steel used




  umont7.jpg (10178 bytes)Dumont used steel tweezers #7 style (pic shows stype)

Dumont #7used, steel


T1.82  SOLD

Similar to above

Peer Swiss made






T1.83 SOLD


Vintage pocket watch hand remover by K&D. This puller will also pull off small clock hands.  It is tough!  Use when others fail!


T1.84 Reduced $49.95

alletool.jpg (19887 bytes)allet-tool-ins001.JPG (844433 bytes)

Gaston tool used to adjust pallet jewels - very useful, in original box 


T1.85 $19.95

lgin oil.jpg (8647 bytes)

Genuine Elgin watch oil, one of my favorites, small bottle, works very well on  wrist and pocket watches.  Bottle is about half full.  One of the first synthetic watch oils.


T1.86 $11.95


Watch oil,  enough to last  years.  Good for both wrist and pocket watches.  Price of top brands of watch oil is now up to $100 a bottle!



est-mvmt-holders.JPG (63680 bytes)

10 nested plastic movement holders that will hold from wrist watch up to 18 size pocket watch movements while you work on them. 


T1.86A $4.95

silicon case back grease for o-rings, gasket, etc

Case back "grease" used to coat the gasket or o-ring of water resistant watches.  A must for wrist watches as the grease completes the seal.


T1.86B  $8.95

LARGE Bottle of Synthetic CLOCK OIL

Clock oil, also good for lubricating watch mainsprings, winding mechanism, etc 


T1.86BB  $15.95  three oilers used

lass-oilers.jpg (10512 bytes)ox-oilers.jpg (37069 bytes)iler-ins.jpg (17775 bytes)i                                     instructions

Glass hypo-style oilers for wrist to pocket watch size - these are much more convenient than dip oilers.  Simply suck in oil and have oil ready for application.  Vary, but similar to pictured. (see instructions)


T1.86C sold out

Swiss rub off 5-rub-off.JPG (54363 bytes)


this clay is used by watchmakers to remove fingerprints, to clean wheels, remove lint and debris from movements, etc.  A must have cleaning aid!!!



odico.jpg (13241 bytes)Rodico, one stick

Another useful clay to remove fingerprints, hold parts, remove lint, etc.  This material is not as sticky as the above.



obius oil.jpg (14732 bytes)Moebius French Clock Oil

almost 1/2 bottle of clock oil in glass bottle, good for most small clocks


T1.87 $6.95


lk-hand-remover.jpg (9610 bytes)

Vintage clock hand puller needed to pull friction fit hands


T1.87A $12.95

lk-hand-puller1002.jpg (142983 bytes)

Another style vintage clock hand puller 


T1.88 sold

ag-folding.jpg (12212 bytes)

5x/10x folding magnifier


T1.88A $7.95

Set of 5 broaches

Five used French cutting broaches from 0.5 mm to almost 2.5 mm.  This set has knurled heads so you do not need to use a pin vise!!




allet_tool1.jpg (17071 bytes)

Vintage pallet tool to hold pallets (levers) to heat to melt shellac in order to reset the jewels in the pallet.


T1.90 $19

asket_small.JPG (51029 bytes)

Small 2 1/4 inch diameter wire basket for cleaning watches. Made for L&R machines and similar type.




Similar to above but large L&R basket

2 7/8 inch basket, three inserts, can clean 3 pocket watches at once, sometimes called clock basket



 il-cup-2set.JPG (47536 bytes)

Two oil cups on wood stand.  Used, but in good condition.


T1.91 $7.95


ulpush.jpg (20261 bytes)

Bulova tool to push mainsprings into barrel.


T1.92 $9.95

ehr.jpg (51396 bytes)

Behr watchmaker  loupe with 1 lens, can be attached to most glasses.    A classic USA made product.  Slightly different than product described to left.



&Lloupe1.jpg (14674 bytes)double loupe Behr (clip on different than pictured)  see above

Nice double loupe Behr.  Similar to the one shown at left, but attaches to glasses slightly different - see above.  


T1.93 $6.95

rush_scratch.jpg (13992 bytes)

Brush with fiberglass bristles for use in removing rust from wheel and steel watch parts


T1.94 $75

Small brass watch depthing tool that can be used to set the depthing of watch gears.  This is an antique tool.  Use to make sure gears are not engaging too deeply. If you ever want to make your own watch, you need it!!


T1.95 A $24.95

ing-sizer.jpg (28555 bytes)

Good vintage ring stretcher.


T1.96 $24.95


aa-casevise.gif (256512 bytes)  Metallic Watch case vise

MASSIVE Aluminum VINTAGE Case vise to hold waterproof watches and other watches with screw back.  These case backs are too tight for one to hold the case in your hand.  Also, works to hold pocket watch movements.


T1.96A  SOLD

ase-opener-blue.JPG (31684 bytes)

Nice condition and newer aluminum case vise to hold case while opening.  Also can be used to hold large movements.


T1.96B  Sold

ase-holder-alum.JPG (31327 bytes)

Another aluminum case holder that fits in a bench vise.  I often use this type myself.


T1.96C  SOLD


ase-mvmt-holder.JPG (26174 bytes)

Plastic case or movement holder for pocket watches.  Two sided


T1.97 $9.95

unch_cly.JPG (68779 bytes)

Seldom seen punch to remove cylinder plugs from the staff of a cylinder escapement watch.  Also useful for other tasks. Note the shape of the end. This is a small hand punch, not a larger punch for a staking set such as a K&D.



Genuine K&D Cylinder PUNCHES 

Scarce set of K&D 2,3,4 punches for removing cylinder plugs, good punches, not broken - use in your K&D staking tool


T1.98 10.95

altackgray.jpg (6204 bytes)  Vintage Balance tack

The hole in the balance cock is placed over the pointed end of the balance tack.  Then, the hairspring can be removed or examined.  Also, balance screws can be removed.



Watchmaker LATHES and Accessories




pic coming soon

  Faceplate for ww type lathe

8 mm face plate with centering plunger for holding miscellaneous watch plates etc. Has three grips to hold plates.  Good condition. 


L1A watchmaker lathe filing rest 



see above.  Instead of the post in the tool post, this filing rest goes into the tool post  Has roller so that file will glide over top.


L2 $9.95

   mall-burnisher-brasshandle.jpg (109847 bytes) several available, not all alike but similar

Small vintage burnisher used to polish small pivots on staffs and small gears


L3 $5.95

ravers.jpg (25279 bytes)

 TWO Old gravers, similar to picture, with wood handles, most natural wood color. Nice to use for engraving or for cutting brass and steel on the watchmakers lathe. Limited quantity.


L3A $19.95

   use with watchmaker lathe

Waller Carbide tip graver, tip can be resharpened many times


L3B $11.95


ile&burnisher-combined.jpg (34173 bytes)several available, not all alike

Old Vintage Tool with burnisher on one side and very fine file on other side.  Use for cutting down pivots and polishing pivots, watch and clock.


L4 $39 reduced!!!


ewel_chuck.jpg (4761 bytes)  ewel_chucks.JPG (52510 bytes)

Set of 8 "jewel" chucks with screw in stops, 5 mm outside diameter.  These fit inside a standard 50 ww lathe collet.  They are very useful for holding small stock, jewel settings, and a hundred other items that need the depth adjusted.  Also, take this collet in and out of the lathe without removing the large collet.


L4A $34.95

Same as above, except 7 jewel chucks in wood container



L4B $29.95

Same as above except 6 jewel chucks in wood container




rownchuk.jpg (50734 bytes)

pocket watch crown chucks, use to hold pocket watch crowns in lathe to enlarge hole in crown so it will fit properly over pendant post


L6 $29

Graver sharpening tool allows adjustments to any angle.  Simply slide over stone to get the exact point and angle on graver. Note, graver not included



urnishingtool.jpg (6964 bytes)

pivot polishing tool to be used with lathe.  Use diamantine or other polishing material to polish watch and clock pivots.  


L7 sold

heel_chuck.jpg (7027 bytes)

Vintage Moseley-style #4, 8-mm wheel chuck, made by Boley.  The Moseley chucks are a little longer than the standard ww-style 8-mm.  However, I use them with a spacer in my draw bar in my ww-lathe.  Diameter 22.4 mm.



see above

Same as above but is a #2.  Diameter of wheel (max) is about 22.0 mm.


L9  $5

athe-tool-holder.jpg (5482 bytes)  Use in lathe to hold circular saws, etc

watchmaker lathe accessory to be inserted in split collet to hold small circular saw blades, etc.


L10 $19

alloon_ck.JPG (6767 bytes)balance wheel balloon chuck

Balloon chuck  to hold the balance wheel while you work on the pivot.  Will hold balances up to 7/16 inch in diameter


L10A $29

alloon_ck.JPG (6767 bytes)larger balloon chuck

Larger Balloon chuck will hold balance wheels up to 5/8 inch in diameter



 Moseley 8 mm lathe split chucks for watchmaker lathe are slightly longer than ww, but you can use them in ww if you use a spacer





L13 $8.00

urnisher.jpg (21957 bytes)  Burnisher (typical)

L14 $15


tone1.jpg (120983 bytes)

L15 $9.95


tone2.jpg (116652 bytes)

L16  $9.95 EACH


8 mm WW-lathe collets, specify size wanted via separate email to

These fit Boley, and other WW-style lathes (not Moseley)

available sizes are





                  Last UPDATE NOVEMBER 2016!!!