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M0 $29.95
Elgin-KW-hands.jpg (2799 bytes) Keywind hands NOS with square hole - limited quantity GENUINE Elgin 18 size Keywind pocket watch hands, NOS (black spade style)  The square hole is ~1.64 mm.  Note these hands will work for many 18 size keywinds, or if your hole is larger, use a small file to enlarge!
MOA  $9.95
Elgin-18s-hands.jpg (6131 bytes) Elgin reproduction 18 size pocket watch hands. Hole size hour~2.45 mm, minute ~1.25 mm, lengths from center of hole, hour 16mm, minute 20 mm
MOA1 $24.95
Elg-18s-spade-fine.jpg (205622 bytes) Genuine Vintage NOS 18 size Elgin pocket watch hands WITHOUT second hand (see M3CC below to order second hand)  May require slight adjustment as all hands must be custom fit to obtain a near perfect friction fit.
M0A11 $29.95


Elg-18s-hands1.jpg (180934 bytes) Genuine Vintage NOS 18size Elgin heavier hands.  Very limited supply
MOA2 $24.95


Elg-16s-handset1.jpg (179371 bytes) Genuine Vintage NOS Elgin 16 size hour and minute hand, style shown


Elgin-16s-hands-fan.jpg (294628 bytes) Fancy Vintage Genuine NOS Elgin 16 size hand set  Fancy!
M1  $9.95 
twenty assorted round glass wrist watch crystals for men's watches, new.
New, original, old stock, 4992B white hour and minute hands, white, for military 24 hour Hamilton WWII PW
PW CASE Screws large SIX Case screws assorted mainly for 12, 16, and 18 size pocket watches - everyone always seem to need these
M1-02 two for $9.95
16 size Elgin Genuine case screws
Mainspring for Hamilton 22 deck watch 

M1A $69

Hamilton mainspring for model 22 deck watch/chronometer.  The original springs are all gone.  These are custom made to the same dimensions and are of alloy.  NEW.  These are not easy to find and there may not be any more after these are all sold.  The Swiss factory that made the springs no longer takes small orders.
M1AA Hamilton ship chronometer staff + hub $59.95 (10 in stock)
ham21-bal-staff.JPG (44988 bytes)Hamilton factory #42186 Genuine Hamilton 21 balance staff with 2 hole hub for WW2 issued ships chronometer.  Just screw to balance wheel, it's easy.  (Note Hamilton 21 movement is below for reference.)ham21-mvmt-sm.JPG (50816 bytes)

click on left image to get Hamilton chronometer factory part list in pdf format

M1A1 for Ship chronometer  $29
ham21-esc-jewel.JPG (25673 bytes) Genuine Hamilton 21 ship chronometer escapement jewel in brass collet.  Works for either the escape wheel or the balance staff above.
M1A2 Hamilton Ship Chronometer escape wheel $69 (10 in stock)
ham21-esc-wheel-only.JPG (92777 bytes)   You are ordering ONLY the escape wheel for a Hamilton 21 chronometer.  For the arbor/pinion  see M1A4
M1A3 Hamilton Ship Chronometer escape wheel AND pinion - $159 (very limited supply)
ham-esc-wheel.JPG (38146 bytes) Hamilton 21 chronometer escape wheel and pinion complete.  Hamilton factory number 42076. Only 2 left!!!
M1A4 Hamilton ship chronometer escape wheel arbor $79
Hamilton 21 chronometer arbor with pinion for escape wheel (no wheel)
M1A5 Hamilton roller complete $34.95
Hamilton 21 chronometer roller with jewels, 1 piece, Hamilton #42180, used, with very small chips at outer edges of jewels, should work satisfactorily
M1A6 Hamilton model 22 escape wheel with pinion $35


Note Hamilton 22 is the smaller WWII ship chronometer that came as a deck watch or in a box with gymbols Here is complete escape wheel with pinion with conical pivots
M1A7 Hamilton model 22 balance wheel STAFF $24.95


Do not confuse with model 21!  New staff for model 22 WWII deck watch or smaller boxed chronometer

Note if you do not want to restaff your watch - we will do it for you!!!!

M1A8 Hamilton model 22 Balance Complete




Only 3 in stock!  Complete with hairspring etc, very hard to find
Hamilton RR crown Yellow gold filled


Gently used, only one available, these were most often used with the bar over the crown 16 size Hamilton cases. Measures just a little under 10 mm in diameter. (note, although pic looks white, our item is yellow gold filled)  NO STEM
Hamilton RR Crown with stem     SOLD M1B1
Ham-992b-s&C.jpg (25137 bytes) Yellow gold filled Hamilton railroad crown as above, just a little wear at center, complete with stem
M1C  Hamilton 987A hairspring


Genuine Hamilton hairspring for the WWII Hamilton military wrist watch with movement 987A
M1D Genuine Elgin Hairspring


The most delicate part of the watch is the hairspring - rust, bends, or tangles ruin a hairspring Elgin 16s hairspring, FLAT (no overcoil)
M2  $10 
Elgin 16 size American Pocket watch ratchet wheel - replace rusty wheel or wheel with bad teeth
M2A   $9.95 ea
elgin16sMS.jpg (42565 bytes) typical NOS, 16 size Elgin Mainspring, blue steel measures 2.64 mm wide, fits most standard Elgin except grade 571 etc which are wider
M2AA $14.95 ea
ELGIN MAINSPRING NOS 12 size Elgin Mainspring
M2AAA $14.95
ELGIN Vintage hands NOS 16 size Elgin hour & minute hands spade - thin 
M2AB $4.95
elgin-sec-12s003.jpg (14187 bytes) GENUINE NOS 12 size Elgin second hand
M2B  $2
16 size Elgin escape jewel, plate
M2C $19.95
NOS 8/0 Elgin hairspring for military mvmt (2 in stock)
M3  $9.95
 ELGIN MAINSPRING NOS, 8/0 Elgin durapower mainspring
elgin8-0milhand-crp.JPG (6779 bytes) Pair Elgin 8/0 military hands for A11 aviator watches, genuine (nearly out of these - 1 pair left)
M3AA11 $15


Pair of Waltham 6/0 A17 aviator hands
Elgin A-11 sec hand007.JPG (27835 bytes) Elgin 8/0 military sweep second hand fits A11 aviator watch
M3A  $7
Waltham 18S, 1892 model, recoil clicks
M3AA  $49
Waltham 18S, 1892 model, pallet with ARBOR with conical pivots, these often get broken - conical pivots only for higher jeweled movements 19J and up.
M3B $9.95

16s hands - new generic for Elgin, Illinois, etc

hands_lll16si.jpg (2591 bytes) Pocket Watch Hands, 16S, Railroad style, fit

Illinois, Elgin and other makers, hole 1.65mm (hour) x 0.9 mm (minute) check your hole size to see if it is close as hand holes must always be adjusted (to learn how, get my staking set lesson #9)

M3C $9.95

second hand Elgin 16s PW

16 size Elgin pocket watch second hand, fits most.  Often must be slightly adjusted to your specific movement by tightening with pin vise (or lathe collet) or by reaming out just a small amount if hole is too small.
M3CC $9.95 Elgin 18s second hand
See M0A1 above for pic 18 Size Elgin pocket watch second hand, fits most old Elgin watches - if does not fit exactly, you can close the post using a pin vice or open it with a small broach
M3CCC $6.95 Elgin generic 18s sec hand


New generic 18s Elgin second hand
M3D  Waltham CDIA aircraft clock hour and minute hands  


CDIA_front.JPG (49152 bytes) hands ONLY - entire clock shown for illustration only! used hour and minute hands for Waltham CDIA WWII aircraft clock .  
M3E Waltham CDIA balance staff 

$25 each

Waltham balance wheel staff for the CDIA WWII aircraft clock pictured above.  This is the large aircraft clock with the civil date indicator (CDIA = Civil Date Indicator Aviation) Very limited quantity available
M3EE Waltham CDIA stem was $59


Note, many stems have been broken and it appears that when surplused, these were broken on purpose!!  These were custom made by a watchmaker/machinist. very limited #.


Note, many stems have been broken and it appears that when surplused, these were broken on purpose!!  Only three available. Better finish on these original Waltham parts
OTHER CDIA PARTS not listed email us for availability and PRICE
M3EE1 Waltham CDIA Crown (winding knob) $25 each
This is a nice reproduction of the Waltham CDIA aircraft clock winding knob.  It is made of aluminum and is painted black to match the original. Very limited # available.
M3F Elgin Aircraft Clock balance $39
Grade 690, new, complete with hairspring
M3G Elgin Aircraft clock winding stem and knob was $29.95

Reduced $24.95

elgin-692-stem&knob.jpg (5576 bytes) For Grade 692 Elgin Movement
M3H Elgin winding knob only (see above)  $15
For Grade 692 mvmt, may work for other aircraft clocks, threaded knob is about 11 mm in diameter (small)
M3I Elgin aircraft clock stem $19.95
For Grade 692 movement, 7 J, elapsed time aircraft clock, size 22
Waltham wrist watch enamel

M4  $39 SOLD

Waltham-0-dial001.jpg (37124 bytes) Mint new old stock  0 or 3/0 Waltham circa WWI porcelain enamel wrist watch dial - also fits the hunter case.   Note these dials fit most 0-3/0 Waltham movements made after 1900 (1900 and 1907 models). Measure about 28 mm.
Waltham-0-dialA002.jpg (40722 bytes) Mint new old stock  0 or 3/0 Waltham circa WWI porcelain enamel wrist watch dial.   Note these dials fit most 0-3/0 Waltham movements made after 1900 (1900 and 1907 models). Measure about 28 mm.
M4A2 $39 (only one available)


Waltham-0-dialB003.jpg (41751 bytes) Mint new old stock  0 or 3/0 Waltham circa WWI porcelain enamel wrist watch or pocket watch dial.   Note these dials fit most 0-3/0 Waltham movements made after 1900 (1900 and 1907 models). Measure about 28 mm.
Waltham wrist watch enamel dial 


wal0dialroman.jpg (11583 bytes) Mint new old stock 0/size or 3/0 Waltham circa WWI enamel wrist watch dials with a red numeral XII.   Very limited quantity left.  Note these dials fit most 0-3/0 Waltham movements made after 1900 (1900 and 1907 models). Dial feet are at 11:30, 3:45, and 7:30 - hour hand position at those times. Measures about 28 mm.


Ferguson-Elgin-front-sm.JPG (35762 bytes)Ferguson-Elgin-back-sm.JPG (65868 bytes) Extremely rare NOS never used 16 size Elgin mint porcelain enamel Ferguson dial.  This dial was wrapped in brown paper like old glass crystals.  Guaranteed to be genuine.  Ferguson made these railroad dials back in the early 1900's for railroad grade watches. The three dial feet are located behind the large minute numbers 54, 20, and 36.  ONLY ONE AVAILABLE.  Great for BW Raymond and other railroad Elgins.
Waltham enamel dial, used but near mint

M4B $25

wal-0s-91dial.JPG (31338 bytes) Waltham 0/s Enamel dial for grade 91 movements made in the 1890's to around 1900.  Dial feet are at 11:00, 2:30, and 7:30.

 Dial feet replacements "Dial Dots"

dialdots.jpg (51273 bytes) Dial dots are used to adhere dial to movement.  Easier to use than soldering and replacing or repositioning dial feet.  Approximately 100 dial dots.
 Waltham A-17 Military Dial

M5 $39

wala17.jpg (63689 bytes) New Waltham Dial used on A-17 military issue watches used in Korean conflict.  Mvmt is 6/0.
Waltham military dial

M6 $35

waldial.jpg (50662 bytes) Mint new old stock 6/0 Waltham WWII  aviator's wrist watch dial, 1942, sweep second.  Very limited supply.

M6A. $15.00

Elgin-enamel-0004.jpg (49599 bytes) Elgin heavy Arabic near porcelain dial for 3/0 to 0/s wrist watches, slight damage at 11 will likely be covered by bezel, see pic for details
Hamilton military dial

M6B.  $39

ham-mil-wrist-dial.jpg (9457 bytes) New mint Hamilton military dial used on aviators watches with spec GG-W-113,  28.5mm diameter (check your dial as they vary), Viet Nam and later. Fits Hamilton 17J 649 movement, Also fits ETA 2750
Elgin military dial

M7   $49

bwrdial.jpg (161922 bytes) Mint new old stock 16S WWII Elgin BW Raymond 24 hr white enamel dial.  This fits the early 22 jewel (marked 21j) Army Aircorps model with the sweep second hand. This dial is much rarer than the black (metal painted) dial that is usually seen on these watches. Only one available.
aircraft clock dial


elgdial.jpg (49499 bytes) Mint new old stock Elgin 1 7/8 inch diameter aircraft clock dial.  Only one left.
Elgin 0/s dial

M8A was $59

Reduced $49

Dial-Elgin-fancy.JPG (92586 bytes) Beautiful original Elgin fancy dial, almost mint except tiny, tiny edge chips that are not visible when installed.  Feet are at 12 minutes and 42 minutes.  Other foot at 55 missing but not needed as two will hold fine.
NYS 18 size dial

M8B $29

dial-18sNYS1.JPG (49626 bytes) 18 size New York Standard dial, nice pink enamel and heavy Arabic numbers.  Only one hairline going from center through 12.  Feet are at 17, 39, and 57 minutes.
Waltham 12 size dial

M8C $19

dial-waltham-12.JPG (44409 bytes) 12 size Waltham dial with one hairline through 10.  Dial feet are at 18, 35. and 57 minutes.
NYS fancy 18 size dial


dial-fancy-NYS2.JPG (63787 bytes) Beautiful fancy NYS enamel dial with blue numerals and yellow flowers between the hours. Dial is in excellent condition with no hairlines visible to the unaided eye. Few minor scratches.  Feet are at 17, 38. and58 minutes.
M9   $10 
25 Assorted fancy plastic SUC crystals in the original envelopes
M10   $15
16 size Elgin 4 th wheel (one that carries the second hand) fits most of the post 1900 movements 7 jewel to 17 jewel models with second hand shaft coming out of the pinion
M10A $19.95
16 size Elgin 4th wheel for model 6 where the second hand shaft come out of the arbor on the opposite end of the pinion.  these are hunter case movements mostly
M11   $29.95 
16 size Hamilton 4 th wheel and pinion (fits 992  and most other Hamilton 16 size EXCEPT 992B, 950B, and derivatives of those models)
992B-ratchet.jpg (3404 bytes) Early 16 size Hamilton 992B Ratchet wheel, NOS, note this pattern was also used for the Hamilton Ball 992B, for the more common design see M24
16 size Hamilton 992B or 950B pallet fork complete (also called lever)  also 4992B 
M11B1 $15.95
16 size Hamilton 992B or 950B pallet arbor, if the fork is good and a pivot is broke, this is all you need!!
M11C $39.95
16 size Hamilton 992B escape wheel, also works for 4992B  (NOS)
M11DD $49
16 size Hamilton 992B or 950B hairspring (for the balance wheel) complete with stud and collet ready for installation -one per customer - we are almost out of stock
16 size Hamilton 992B or 950B roller table with jewel
ME11F $9.95
16 size Hamilton 992B balance staff (Bestfit 22BB/58B)
ME11G $12.95


16 size Hamilton 434 balance staff (if you use Bestfit this is 22BB/57)
OTHER staffs we can supply other Hamilton staffs, and most American staffs - email us for availability and pric
ME11H $9.95


Howard 12 size staff #561 this is a riveted staff for the Keystone Howards that were made in the early 1900's and were very expensive prized possessions of a few
M12   $5 
20 assorted square and rectangular plastic xtals, new, but not marked, mens and ladies styles

M13  $39

Alloy Hairspring for 21 jewel Elgin BW Raymond 16 size Railroad Watch grade 571
M14 $39
Elgin 16 size balance wheel complete, double roller, fits most models 7 to 17 jewel
M14A $25
Elgin 16 size hairspring, fits most common Elgin pocket watches made in 1900's 
M14B $25
Waltham 16 size hairspring, fits most 1899, 1908, 16A, 1617, 1621, and military deck watch
Bulova wrist WWII military Balance complete for movement 10AKCSH (Aviator's watch, etc)
M15A  $5
Bulova WWII military second hand - small auxiliary hand luminous move 10AK etc
M16   SOLD
 (one available)
Waltham 6/0 balance wheel complete, factory #26218 fits most '42 model WWII military watches 
M17A  $9.95
Waltham 6/0 mainspring #2226

1.5mmx .12mm x10 in

M17B  $7
Waltham 6/0 military stem #2621
M18   $65 
Chelsea ship clock Balance Wheel complete for movement 12EI (other Chelsea platform parts available on request as available)
M18A $3
16size Waltham shipper bar part #4783
M19   $25.95 
chelsea-12E-platform001.jpg (113140 bytes) Chelsea ship clock escape wheel for time only military movement 12 E and some 12EI.  Short escape wheel, no potance like the 17E.
M20  $125
Overhaul your Chelsea ship clock platform - send insured
M21   $25 
Assortment of 12 pocket watch roller jewels

(see below for individual PW roller jewels)

Ordering Roller Jewels

NOTE - we are running low on all roller jewels!

NOTE - measure the slot in the lever tail in hundreds of a mm.  Then, select a jewel about 2 hundreds smaller. So, if the slot in the lever tail measures 48 (hundreds of a mm), choose a 46 roller jewel.  Also, specify if your watch is single roller or double roller.  A single roller takes a longer jewel.
M21A $6.95
Pocket watch Roller jewel 42 (0.42 mm)
M21B $6.95
Roller jewel 44 (0.44 mm)
M21C $7.95
Roller jewel 46
M21D $7.95
Roller jewel 48
M21E $7.95
Roller jewel 50 ALMOST OUT
M21F $6.95
Roller jewel 52
M21G $6.95
Roller jewel 54
M21H $5.95
Roller jewel 56
M21I sold out
Roller jewel 58
M21J $5.95
Roller jewel 60
M22 $10
mixture of dial washers for wrist watches up to small pocket watch size.  Dial washers are needed to hold the minute wheel (and the attached hour hand) in place under the dial.
M23  $25
 sleeves013.jpg (42752 bytes) typical asst 1/2 dozen Assorted old sleeves for American pocket watch cases.  These are getting harder and harder to find.  Note - example, all assortments are similar - but not identical
M24. $8
4992Bsets.jpg (1630 bytes) Hamilton 4992B, military pocket watch set spring spring part 35012
M24. $25
4992B-ratchet.jpg (3424 bytes) Hamilton 992B and 4992B military pocket watch ratchet wheel, - NOS (4 available)
 M25. $5 each
stems, specify company and model from list in comments area - or send separate email AS1802, FF60, FF120, FEF6600, AS1361,AS1538, AS1200, AS1491,Gruen 275, Gruen 510, Gruen 285, Bulova 6AH, ETA1080, ETA1000, Bulova 6BK, AS120,ETA1000,Samoi P62, ETA900, FEF6620, Bulova 6BO, AS1320, AS1240,AS1187,Gruen285, Bulova 6AH,  Pesseux330, EB1612, AS1700, ETA 2782, 
M25A. $6.95 each
set bridge (yoke) - watch will not wind and set properly when broke.   Specify ebauche in email or in comments example of a set bridge AS964, 970, 976, 1012, 1023, 1200, 1240, 1250, 1361,1491, 1635, 1677 - Bulova 5AD, 5AN, 6BO, 6BK, 7AM- Elgin 700, 902 - ETA900, 1080, 1220, 1100, 1260, 1280, 2370 - Font21, 25, 28, 55, 57, 60, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 150, 552 - FEF370, 400, 6620, 6621,6662,  FELSA81, 465, 690 - Gruen 210, 215, 225, 285, 510 - Hamilton 721, 911 - Pesseux 140, 170 - UT 540 - Wittnauer6W7, 7TN,  



M26  $5
mixed wrist hands a tin container with several dozen mixed gold and yellow wrist watch hands of many styles and types
M27 $15
Genuine pair of 16 size Elgin hands
M28   $5.00
Bestfit Assortment 26P waterproof pendant posts for wrist watches

Waltham 18s

M29 $9.95

POCKET WATCH BALANCE STAFFS NOTE we can supply most American pocket watch staffs - email for quote, send sample for best fit 

If you do not have it, buy our Lesson #5 on staff replacement.  Lots of INFORMATION including charts, videos, etc.  Best info around!!!


 Waltham 18 size, pivot 11, for 18 size Vanguard, Waltham #1703A (Bestfit BB/28)
M29A $9.95
WALTHAM Staff  Waltham #1365 (fits many old 18 size Waltham movements)

Bestfit BB/31)  Note nearly same as #1364 and can be used in most cases

M29B $9.95


Hamilton 18/s Staff #127 SRSC (single roller small collet) This is the most common 18 size staff for the single roller balance wheel.  Bestfit BB/52

M31 $19

timewashers.jpg (46502 bytes) Newall Assortment of Timing Washers for Wrist watches, 12 bottles to cover most wrist watches.  Used, but plenty of washers in each bottle

M32  sold

elg-12s-dial.jpg (14759 bytes) Another NOS near mint Elgin 12 size metal dial of the type popular in the 20's. 

M33  $20

Grune-pw-dial.jpg (15497 bytes) Gruen 10 size or about 16 1/2 ligne (38mm) fancy dial for Gruen pocket watch.  Feet are approximately at 1 and 6.

Elgin 16 size military dial

mileg16s.jpg (20916 bytes) This new old stock Elgin military dial will fit a standard 16 size Elgin movement.  It converts the watch to one that winds at 6, so that it can be dash mounted and used as a small vehicle clock, etc.
M35 $25

Elgin new 12 size

elg12sDialmetal.jpg (12818 bytes) Metal dial - New old stock Elgin 12size metal dial.  the three feet are approx at 2, 7, and 11.
M36 $25

Elgin 12s Deluxe

elgin-12sa.jpg (10416 bytes) Two dial feet, 28 minutes and 58 minutes, new old stock metal dial.

0 size Elgin FANCY Dial

This one is very nice, no visible hairlines, just tiny, tiny edge chips

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