1.2 SOLD
  Waltham Premier 12 size in original case, which is worn badly.  Movement appears sound, hairspring and staff look to be good.  Nine jewel mvmt # 30,481,xxx.
1.3 sold
  Howard, 12S, YGF case nice except small rectangular patch on back which was engraved filed down to brass (can be covered with gold patch) , 17J, broke mainspring and staff, Fine metal dial (scratch is on crystal)
1.4  sold
  Waltham, 12S, 17 jewels, serial #26,931,xxx, unusual cushion style case, staff broken, metal dial, missing minute hand, no crystal.
1.5  Sold
  Juvenia, Swiss pocket watch, 15 jewels, broke mainsp, nice small mans watch with enamel dial, hinged back nickel case, no bow
1.7 sold
  Croton, 19 ligne (about same as American 16 size) 15 jewel movement is a FEF 40H with a broken staff, otherwise clean, enamel dial has two chips, nickel case - fix staff and will run

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December 2011