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16sBackNic copy.jpg (241877 bytes) 16 size American case, Victory by Philadelphia Watch Case Co, used case, Nice plastic crystal, will fit most 16 size movements either pendant set of lever set.  This style was used in the 1920's.  The screw marks look like the position of Elgin, but any other American movement will likely work.




12 size case, snap back and bezel will work for pendant set, base metal, used case, no crystal.




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Nice Scepter used base metal 12 size case.  No crystal


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18 size Keystone USA nickel case in very nice condition, can be used for pendant or stem set movements.  No dents.  Screw bank and bezel threads are fine.  Glass crystal.  Winding crown is like new and appears original.  Good case for early 1900's 18 size Railroad movements like Elgin Veritas, Waltham model 1892 etc.


front3-rot.jpg (361078 bytes) back3-rot.jpg (408200 bytes) 16 size Providence Watch Case 20 year YGF with a lot of wear.  Polishes up good.  Hinged back and bezel, good hinges, plastic crystal.  For pendant set case, but a slot could be filed in for a lever set movement.  No dents or bad dings.  Reeded edge. Plastic crystal.  Has dust cover.  Note these gold filled cases have been scrapped so there are few left.



front4-rot-.jpg (286324 bytes) back4-rot.jpg (377591 bytes) 16size Gibraltar worn Yellow gold filled case.  Screw back and bezel with good threads.  Made for pendant set, but slot could be cut in for a lever if needed.  Glass crystal.  Again, these cases have a fair amount of gold even when worn, so most have been scrapped.  No dents or bad dings.




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16size Wadsworth Nickel case with screw back and bezel.  Case threads are good, only flaw is crown is worn.  Glass crystal.  Can be used for either pendant set or lever set movement as slot is cut for lever.  No dents or bad dings.



16-SIZE-rr-style-back.jpg (568892 bytes)

 16s-RR-case-front.jpg (458457 bytes) Nice 16 size case with RR look.  Has a new glass crystal installed.  Has screw bezel and back, and has a slot for a lever set movment.  Will also work with most any pendant set 16 size American movement.  Ready for your movement.



16snickel-fnt.jpg (650609 bytes)

 16s-nickel-bk.jpg (788790 bytes)16 size Nickel case for American pocket watches.  New glass crystal installed.





  18 Size Philadelphia nickel case, will take pendant or lever set movement, screw back and bezel, had train on rear but worn smooth, no dents or bad dings, threads fine, good for early 18 size as is heavy case, marked Silverode, new glass xtal

Updated MARCH  2016

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